Creative Society Announces Public Free International Online Forum “Global Crisis. The Responsibility” December 2, 2023

Global Crisis. The Responsibility | International Online Forum. December 2, 2023

These Areas of the USA Will Become Uninhabitable in 5 Years

These Areas of the USA Will Become Uninhabitable in 5 Years

Creative Society Project

Dec 2, 2023 Creative Society Forum Will Take Place: Unveiling Climate Cataclysms, Urging Global Action for Our Future. Tune in LIVE, all social media platforms.

The world crumbles in hatred, fear, conflict, and despair while natural catastrophes go unnoticed. We are now one step away from the total destruction of our lives. Life is worth fighting for.”

— Creative Society

ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 22, 2023 / — In a vital response to the escalating climate crisis, Creative Society volunteers from 180 countires are organizing a pivotal international online public forum, “Global Crisis. The Responsibility,” set for December 2, 2023. This forum aims to ignite a global conversation addressing the urgent social, economic, and climatic challenges confronting the world today.

Highlights of the Forum:

—> 27 Years of Independent Research: Attendees will be immersed in extensive, multidisciplinary research into climate cataclysms, featuring insights from other planetary studies and the crucial 12,000-year cycle of climate catastrophes. The forum promises unfiltered, agenda-free scientific research.

—> Unveiling the True Causes of Climate Cataclysms: The event will expose the real causes behind climate disasters, backed by concrete data and projections for the planet’s future beyond 2024.

—> Addressing the Consequences of Inaction: The forum will explore the grave consequences of overlooking crucial environmental information.

—> Focusing on Solutions: Not just highlighting problems, the forum will emphasize actionable solutions to prevent looming disasters.

The Urgency of the Matter:

In a world overshadowed by hatred, fear, conflict, and despair, natural catastrophes often remain unnoticed, edging us closer to total destruction. This forum serves as a crucial wake-up call, empowering individuals to take control, be informed, and act decisively for a better future.

The Role of Participants in This Historical Moment:

Engaging in the “Global Crisis. The Responsibility” forum transcends simple observation; it represents an active commitment to shaping history. Participants in the forum will gain insights into protecting themselves and their families and contribute to collective solutions. This engagement offers individuals the chance to be a part of history, steering away from potential tragedy.

Event Details:

—> Date and Time: The event is scheduled for December 2, 2023, at 17:00 GMT – 12pm EST

—> Live Streaming: The forum will be available on various platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Rumble, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

—> Language Accessibility: To reach a global audience, the forum will be interpreted into 100 languages.

—> Audience Advisory: This event is designed for a mature audience (18+), featuring real, uncensored content that may include disturbing graphic material.

The organizers encourage the sharing of this information with family, friends, and colleagues to maximize the impact of this significant global event. Participation is crucial in uniting humanity and making an informed, collective decision for the future.

Individuals worldwide are invited to be part of this critical moment in history on December 2nd.

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About Creative Society: Creative Society is a volunteer-driven initiative committed to tackling the world’s most pressing challenges through global cooperation and collective action.

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Global Catastrophe Looms Over Our World, and THIS is Your Only Chance to Save Yourself!

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