Innovating Digital Safety and Authenticity in Social Media and E-commerce

Logo of Tribela: Revolutionizing Online Interactions with a Fusion of Social Media and Secure E-commerce in a Single Innovative Platform

Revolutionizing Online Engagement: A Journey Towards Safer, More Meaningful Digital Connections

We’ve learned from the past two decades of social media evolution, understanding the challenges and pitfalls of pioneering platforms”

— Natalie Elizabeth Boll

MAINZ, RHINELAND-PALATINATE, GERMANY , November 28, 2023 / — Addressing the growing concerns about safety and authenticity in today’s digital landscape, Tribela, spearheaded by entrepreneur Natalie Boll, is set for a pivotal launch in 2024. More than just a breakthrough in social media and e-commerce, Tribela represents a strategic mission to create a safer, more authentic online world.

The genesis of Tribela was Natalie’s personal journey, which began when her daughter was young and faced a harrowing bullying experience that transcended from school to online platforms. This challenging period led Natalie to a deep exploration of digital safety and humane technology. Completing the ‘Foundations of Humane Technology’ course at the Centre of Humane Technology, led by Tristan Harris from ‘The Social Dilemma’, Natalie’s educational journey became the foundation for Tribela’s development, focusing on user verification, mental well-being, and supportive community interactions.

In an era riddled with data breaches and misinformation, Tribela emerges as a crucial alternative. “We’ve learned from the past two decades of social media evolution, understanding the challenges and pitfalls of pioneering platforms,” Natalie explains. “Tribela, born from intensive research and development, is our response to these challenges.” The platform reimagines the user experience, emphasizing enhanced data security, robust fact-checking, and meaningful online interactions.

Tribela is meticulously designed as a sanctuary for authentic digital experiences. Its comprehensive user verification system tackles fake accounts, anonymous profiles, and bots. Users have the autonomy to shape their interactions and content, fostering a nurturing community environment. Elevating the user experience, Tribela integrates a suite of personal development tools, including personal journaling, daily gratitude exercises, and affirmations. Key features like the Tribela News Center and TribelaU video sharing, along with mentorship badges, are designed for positive engagement.

Natalie Boll, leveraging her background in film and television, envisions Tribela as a family-friendly social media channel. “We’re building a trustworthy platform for today and the future,” she states.

Revolutionizing e-commerce, Tribela integrates it as a core feature, nurturing a safe, inclusive online marketplace. This approach embraces the circular economy and ethical consumerism, offering live shopping experiences that mimic the engagement of physical shopping, fostering community and transparency in online transactions.

In its MVP development phase, with an announced pre-seed investment round, Tribela is poised to transform digital spaces ethically. It marries innovative social shopping with social media, prioritizing user safety and genuine connections.

“They say social media is the new mall for our youth; let’s make that mall safe,” Natalie asserts.

Natalie Boll’s vision for Tribela is a testament to the potential of technology in fostering positive change and safer online communities. For more information about Tribela and to join the beta testing, visit

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