California Gubernatorial Candidate Sharifah Hardie Helps Small Businesses and Non-Profits Secure Needed Grants & Funding

Billions of dollars are awarded in the form of grants and other types of funding. Many business owners miss out on the funding because they don’t know what’s out there.”

— Sharifah Hardie

LONG BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2024 / — Each year, billions of dollars are awarded in the form of grants and other types of funding. However, many small business owners and non-profit organizations miss out on these opportunities, which hinders their growth.

In light of this issue, California Gubernatorial Candidate Sharifah Hardie has made it her mission to assist these entities in obtaining the much-needed funds to boost the economy, create jobs, and put Americans back to work.

With years of experience as a business consultant and politician, Sharifah Hardie understands the struggles and challenges faced by small businesses and non-profits. She has witnessed firsthand the potential of these entities to drive economic growth and create positive change in communities. However, she also recognizes the lack of resources and support available to them, especially when it comes to securing funding.

As a candidate for California Governor 2026, Sharifah Hardie has made it a top priority to address this issue and to provide assistance to small businesses and non-profits. She believes that by helping these entities obtain the necessary funding, they can expand their operations, create more opportunities, and contribute to the overall growth of the economy. This, in turn, will benefit not only the business owners but also the communities they serve.

Sharifah Hardie’s commitment to helping small businesses and non-profits secure funding aligns with her vision for a stronger and more prosperous California. She believes that by empowering these entities, the state can achieve sustainable economic growth and create a better future for all its residents. As she continues her campaign, she remains dedicated to this cause and looks forward to making a positive impact on the lives of small business owners and non-profit organizations.

With her extensive experience and passion for helping others, Sharifah Hardie is the ideal candidate to lead California towards a brighter future. Her commitment to assisting small businesses and non-profits in obtaining funding is just one of the many ways she plans to make a positive difference in the state. As the 2026 gubernatorial election approaches, voters can look forward to seeing more of Sharifah Hardie’s plans and initiatives to support the growth and success of these entities.

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