New Podcast Courageously Confronts Equity Issues Everyone Else Ignores

“The E Word” podcast co-hosts Karen McFarlane and Brittany S. Hale, JD

Award-winning hosts Karen McFarlane and Brittany S. Hale dissect current events through a marketing, leadership, and legal lens

‘The E Word’ leverages our collective expertise in marketing, legal, and leadership to highlight equity’s vital role in catalyzing social and economic transformation…””

— Karen McFarlane

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2024 / — The launch of “The E Word,” a new podcast on April 18, 2024, hosted by Karen McFarlane, the Founder and CMO of Kaye Media, and Brittany S. Hale, JD, the Founder and CEO of BND Consulting, marks a significant moment in the discussion of equity within the controversial conversation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). This innovative podcast series kicks off with three episodes, each unpacking the complexities of equity from legal, marketing, and leadership perspectives.

The E Word is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Alexa, and more.

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“The E Word” offers listeners a unique opportunity to rethink and reshape their understanding of equity, a principle often ignored by Corporate America. With award-winning hosts Karen McFarlane and Brittany S. Hale at the helm, the podcast promises to be as enlightening as it is engaging. Its honest and provocative commentary delivers actionable insights into why equity is beneficial and essential for business growth and sustainability.

“As a leadership development expert, I deliver clarity, confidence, and capital to leaders looking to align their business strategy with their values. I’m thrilled to partner with Karen to speak to those leaders looking to drive results aligned with what matters most—creating equitable work environments to drive innovation,” says co-host Brittany S. Hale.


Episode 1: Is There a War Brewing Against Black Women’s Success? – Following the June 2023 Affirmative Action ruling, Karen and Brittany analyze opposition to race-based decision-making in venture funding, discussing how these legal actions impede progress on systemic inequalities and impact vulnerable groups. They also consider how organizations can strategically respond, using these challenges to demonstrate leadership resilience and create marketing opportunities.

Episode 2: Why Is the Corporate Ladder Still So Steep for Black Women? – In this episode, Karen and Brittany discuss the latest research, revealing significant barriers for Black women in Corporate America. They address the widespread underestimation and stereotyping of Black women and how identity politics influence their career paths by drawing on real-world examples.

Episode 3: Has Marketing Leadership Truly Achieved Gender Parity? – “This episode questions the apparent progress of women holding 51% of Chief Marketing Officer roles versus only 1% of female agency owners. Karen and Brittany explore representation discrepancies in the marketing and advertising sectors and highlight the need to examine biases and structural barriers that maintain gender disparities.

“As Black women, our unique voices are often unheard and underrepresented, a consequence of systemic inequities that tend to silence or overlook us, along with other historically excluded groups. ‘The E Word’ leverages our collective expertise in marketing, legal, and leadership to highlight equity’s vital role in catalyzing social and economic transformation and how Corporate America can harness its considerable power and influence to deliver impact that drives profit, builds customer and employee loyalty, and supports brand purpose,” says co-host Karen McFarlane.

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Kaye Media is a dynamic marketing collective offering fractional executive marketing services to high-growth companies, startups, and enterprises. We align strategic priorities with brand purpose and key revenue drivers to foster sustainable growth and digital transformation. Through its subsidiary, Colossal Work, the firm provides advisory services that help marketing teams integrate DEI into everyday marketing practices to enhance brand engagement, meet business objectives, and deliver societal impact. Learn more at

BND Consulting is a leadership development and organizational design consultancy. We help startups, enterprises, and nonprofits navigate growth with leadership development, DEI roadmapping, talent development, and change management. Specializing in values-led decision-making, we combine training, coaching, and strategic plans to operationalize your values and drive growth in both people and profits. Learn more at

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Brittany S. Hale delves into why women entrepreneurs face more prevention-oriented questions than promotion-focused ones from investors during funding rounds.

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