MrBeast Chocolate Featured in XOOX Advertisement for Pet Challenge with Grand Prize Attraction

XOOX Pet Challenge $1,000,000 Cash Prize

XOOX Challenge Display Board

XOOX Challenge Display Board

A significant cash prize draws global attention to the pet challenge – Now is the era where pets earn money.
TIMES SQUARE ads for the Challenge Winner’s Pet

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2024 / — The promotional video for the ongoing challenge on the world’s first pet-exclusive social networking service (SNS) platform, XOOX, has sparked interest with the inclusion of the globally renowned YouTuber MrBeast’s chocolate. XOOX Lab, Inc.’s Kristen Kim, responsible for promotions, stated, “XOOX is not only a subscriber of MrBeast, who engages in various activities, including promotion campaigns for abandoned dog adoption and shelter support, but also wants to provide any assistance, no matter how small, to MrBeast. That’s why we included MrBeast’s chocolate in our advertisement video. Of course, we understand that chocolate containing theobromine is lethal to pets. Who knows? Maybe one day MrBeast will develop chocolate specifically for pets? For now, we wanted to introduce the delicious chocolate made by MrBeast for pet owners!! MrBeast, we are your fans. We hope to collaborate with XOOX when producing pet-related content or challenges.”

MrBeast, the world’s number one YouTuber, boasts a subscriber base of 240 million worldwide and has created Feastables chocolate products under the MrBeast brand.

Currently, at the XOOX Lab, Inc. in the United States, there is a desire to jointly conduct pet-related challenges and sponsorships through the MrBeast channel.

If your social media is overflowing with content about dogs and cats, and your phone gallery is filled with pictures and videos of pets, then a challenge worth trying has emerged. The challenges are currently ongoing on the world’s first pet-exclusive social networking service (SNS) platform, XOOX, including ‘Hugs & Kisses’, ‘Pet Music Composition’, ‘XOOX PR Video Making’, and the ‘XOOX Creative Promotion Challenge’. The first prize for each challenge is $100,000, making it even more appealing as a potentially life-changing opportunity for pet content creators.

Furthermore, XOOX plans to hold a lifetime memory-making event with Times Square advertising for the winners of XOOX challenges.

Launched on November 11th last year to convey the meaning of a platform for animals with four legs, XOOX is an application operated with pet accounts. It is receiving attention from pet owners worldwide as a space where they can freely share photos, videos, and other content by creating accounts for their pets. XOOX was initiated for the protection and advocacy of pets. When you sign up for XOOX (free of charge), one penny is automatically donated to the XOOX Foundation, established for the revision of pet-related laws worldwide.

The XOOX Foundation plans to launch campaigns for the revision and improvement of animal-related laws worldwide based on the funds collected.

Applications connected to the platform are also popular as they are exclusively for pets. The XOOX Music app features a variety of music specifically for pets such as dogs and cats.

Kristen Kim, XOOX’s promotion manager, said, “This challenge is just the beginning of XOOX’s special events for pets around the world, who deserve love and protection like any other.” She added, “We plan to develop dedicated apps and various special promotions to create an even safer and healthier environment for pets in the future.”

Participation in the challenge is simple. Download the XOOX Pet application, sign up, choose the desired category among the ongoing challenges, and submit your creative content. The winner of each category will receive a prize of $100,000, determined by the number of ‘likes’ and the evaluation of the judging panel.

XOOX Lab, Inc. in the United States, the creator of the pet-specific app ‘XOOX’, and B2EN aim to promote globally targeting the pet economy market.

Furthermore, in collaboration with DogUs Planet, a social enterprise that cares for and educates rescued and sheltered dogs, led by Hyojin Kim, and AI big data company B2EN & genetic analysis company MediCloud, an adoption challenge for abandoned pets and rescued animals is scheduled for early March.

You can join XOOX, a pet account SNS platform, through the XOOX Pet application.

Currently available in English and Korean, services in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, and German will also begin in mid-February.

All challenges hosted by XOOX can be found at

Kristen Kim
XOOX Lab, Inc.
+1 213-944-2679
[email protected]

Win up to $1,000,000! – XOOX Pet Challenge

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