Herconic360 Transitions to Conic360 as the New Name in Digital Marketing and Sales Excellence

Herconic360 Transitions to Conic360 as the New Name in Digital Marketing and Sales Excellence

Formerly Herconic360, the Rebranded Company Offers an Integrative Platform for Business Growth and Operational Efficiency

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Herconic360, recognized for its innovative approach to marketing and sales strategies, has announced its rebranding to Conic360. This change represents a significant step in the company’s mission to offer unmatched solutions for both online and offline businesses across the globe.

Conic360 aims to empower entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their brands by providing comprehensive software solutions that cover all aspects of their operations. The platform promotes a holistic approach, ensuring smooth functionality and opportunities for growth for forward-thinking businesses.

Central to Conic360 is its extensive platform, available at https://www.conic360.com/, which is tailored to simplify every aspect of business development. The company is committed to providing entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to create a robust business framework, all available through a single, consolidated platform.

Building A Business Engine

With Conic360, the necessity to juggle multiple tools and platforms is eliminated. The company presents an integrated solution that allows businesses to streamline their marketing and sales activities efficiently.


Conic360 enables easy lead capture and expansion of customer reach through its funnels and lead magnets. The platform’s diverse set of tools, including dynamic landing pages, interactive surveys, forms, calendars, and an inbound phone system, makes contact gathering straightforward.


The platform enhances lead nurturing with automated workflows and automation tools. Conic360 facilitates direct communication with leads via personalized voicemails, automated calls, SMS, emails, and Facebook Messenger messages, enabling continuous engagement on autopilot.


The closing process is greatly simplified with Conic360. The platform offers an array of built-in tools designed to streamline payment collection, and appointment scheduling, and provide valuable insights through comprehensive analytics, easing the journey to client acquisition.

With its rebranding to Conic360, the company reiterates its commitment to the success of its clients. Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to explore the future of marketing and sales with Conic360.

For further details about Conic360 and its comprehensive solutions, please visit https://www.conic360.com/.

About Conic360:

Conic360 stands as a premier provider of AI-driven, all-encompassing marketing and sales solutions. Dedicated to enabling businesses to distinguish themselves in their respective industries, Conic360 delivers a holistic platform that simplifies marketing and sales processes. From capturing leads to nurturing and closing, Conic360 transforms business operations in the contemporary competitive market. For more information, visit https://www.conic360.com/.

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