Move Your Career from Success to Significance’

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Cover of book Drive with Purpose

Cover of book Drive with Purpose

Author of “Find Your Lane” and “Life in the Leadership Lane”, Bruce Waller, Vice President of Corporate Relocation at The Armstrong Company, releases next book.

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, June 7, 2024 / — Author of Find Your Lane and Life in the Leadership Lane, Bruce Waller returns to help you continue your career journey with his new book “Drive With Purpose; Move Your Career From Success To Significance”. Often, when we think about what makes a career significant, we imagine monumental roles—like a US President, an astronaut, a surgeon, or a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. But true significance isn’t confined to these towering heights. Significance lies in the small actions that swell into great impacts. It’s woven through the fabric of our everyday lives. This book delves into the transformative journey from pursuing traditional career success to seeking deeper significance in one’s professional life. Learn more about practical strategies for developing a purpose-driven mindset, reassessing your career path, and fostering authentic relationships through intentional networking and leadership. This book will inspire you to pursue a career path of significance.

“In a stress filled world sometimes seemingly void of meaning, Bruce invites you to step into this blueprint, filled with practical tips and real-world examples, and decide to DRIVE your life WITH PURPOSE. Join the movement.” says Jimmy Taylor, SHRM-SCP, Executive Director, DallasHR and The HRSouthwest Conference

Chief HR Officer Suzanne Myers says “What I loved most about your words is that everything applies to anyone, no matter what level or age they are. If someone applies these principles, it doesn’t matter if they are a student, a young adult trying to find their next step, or a seasoned professional looking to validate their place in life or purpose.”

Drive For Purpose is a great book for personal growth, team building discussions, and book clubs. Some of the things you will discover include understanding success and how it relates to significance, building a purpose driven mindset, networking with intention, measuring significance, and how pursuing significance will create ripple effects in every area of your life.

You will also enjoy reading about other journeys of significance shared by business leaders in the bonus section to help you validate your direction or make a change to the lane of significance.

Bruce Waller is honored share his latest book. “This book helps people see beyond work to have meaning in their job and build a career that matters. We can all have significance in any role and this book shows you how to create it, measure it, and the ripple effect it will have on others. The stories from high performers sharing their stories will inspire you.”

Drive With Purpose is a #1 New Release Best Selling Book and is now available on Amazon to help you start driving with purpose in your career and every area of your life.

About Bruce:
Bruce Waller is a relocation executive, keynote speaker, author, and podcast host. He is known as a motivational speaker and inspires attendees to ‘find their lane’ and ‘drive with purpose’ to create significance in their career. Bruce completed his 100th Keynote presentation in 2023 and continues to inspire others to become more in the workplace and in life.

As the Vice President of Corporate Relocation for The Armstrong Company in Dallas, Texas, Bruce helps HR professionals arrange employee relocation and transportation services across the US and around the world. As a volunteer leader, Bruce is a former President of The North Texas Relocation Professionals, a regional chapter for WorldwideERC, and has served as President for DallasHR, the third largest SHRM Chapter in the US. Today, Bruce serves as the Assistant State Director of Texas SHRM, a state council that serves chapters across Texas.

Bruce is the author of several books, including Find Your Lane, recognized by BookAuthority in 2019 as one of the best “career change” books of all time; Milemarkers: A 5 Year Journey; Life in the Leadership Lane: Moving Leaders to Inspire and Change the Workplace, and now Drive With Purpose: Move Your Career from Success to Significance. Bruce also writes a weekly leadership blog called Move to Inspire that you can subscribe to at

Bruce is the host of Life in the Leadership Lane, a weekly podcast where he interviews leaders making a difference in the workplace. You can find his podcast on Apple, Spotify, and other podcast platforms, including YouTube. Be sure to subscribe, post a review, and share with others.

In 2023, Bruce received the Stewardship Award, UniGroup’s highest honor in sales leadership, and was recognized in 2021 as one of the “Most Admired Service Providers” on The Global Mobility Top 100 list. Bruce is also a past recipient of the Texas SHRM Volunteer Leader of the Year (2021) award and has served as a SHRM influencer at the National Conference.

Some fun facts about Bruce— he has bowled ten perfect 300 games, he loves peanut butter, coffee, and spending time with his grandkids, but his most treasured gifts are the notes he carries around in his briefcase – moments that remind him to keep pursuing a purpose driven life filled with significance.

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