Enveda Builds International Collaborations to Promote Biodiversity Conservation

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a new video released as part of the Global Health Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, Enveda Biosciences (“Enveda”) details their work to translate nature into new medicines and to develop collaborations with global agencies to preserve biodiversity and give back to local communities.

Enveda has developed proprietary technologies, including unique AI models, to integrate the chemistry of the natural world into modern drug discovery workflows at unprecedented scale. Using advanced high-throughput screening techniques and custom robotics, they are identifying novel chemical compounds from natural sources suited for development into novel, differentiated medicines. Beginning with medicinal plants, they are searching the natural world for medicines targeting some of the most challenging disease areas, including chronic inflammatory, fibrotic, and neurosensory diseases.

“Nature is at the center of everything that we do at Enveda,” says Viswa Colluru, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Enveda. “We believe that ‘Global Health’ refers not just to human health, but also to planetary health. By working to preserve biodiversity, we are ensuring the future’s supply of new medicines.”

To this end, Enveda is forging partnerships with nations around the world to support their efforts to preserve biodiversity while implementing sustainable biodiversity economic models that provide alternatives to destructive industrial development activities. They are leading efforts to establish fair Access and Benefit-Sharing practices in compliance with the Nagoya Protocol and the Convention on Biological Diversity.

“Local communities in biodiversity hotspots are essential players in biodiversity preservation. The partnerships that Enveda are creating with research institutes, NGOs, and environmental stewards will provide communities with a sustainable means of mobilizing biodiversity towards the development of new nature-inspired medicines for global health indications.” says Tendai Chisowa, Ph.D., Director of Policy and Development at Enveda.

Enveda welcomes inquiries from biodiversity champions interested in learning more about the company’s biodiversity conservation and sustainable mobilization models towards using nature to discover new medicines for global health.

Watch The Global Health Campaign Here

About Enveda:

Founded in 2019, Enveda is a biotechnology company aiming to understand and utilize the chemistry that forms the foundation of life. Using their AI-powered tools to identify and characterize the wide range of molecules that are produced by living organisms – the vast majority of which have never been explored by science – Enveda is creating a new database of chemical biodiversity: the library of life. By growing, organizing, translating, and searching this unique library, Enveda learns from life’s evolved solutions to address today’s pressing clinical needs. For more information on Enveda, visit enveda.com.

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Enveda in Global Health | Enveda Translates Life’s Chemistry into Medicines

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