Says Moving Arbitration Claims Have Increased
The Organization Cites a 47 Percent Increase in US Moving Arbitration Claims

Arbitration heats up in 2022

Transportation arbitration program increased in the year 2022 by 47%

LAS VEGAS - August 31, 2022 - (, a leading United States arbitral association providing arbitration programs and moving documents, conducted a recent national survey indicating a 47 percent year-over increase in the number of moving arbitration claims in the country. This is more than double what the national moving arbitration claim rate was one year ago this week.

The association specifies that many of its moving and storage clients have had to make changes due to an updated arbitration law that went into effect on June 27, 2022. This update to the law has led to a lot of confusion within the moving and storage industry. You can read the full article about the updated June 27 arbitration law on The article explains how changes within the law have impacted moving and storage companies, customers, and also the industry as a whole.

Bill Williamson, an executive at, had the following to say about the year-to-year increase in national moving arbitration claims: "The 47 percent year-over increase in how many moving arbitration claims are taking place comes as a bit of a surprise. But it makes sense because so many people across the U.S. have been moving since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. These moves have fueled a dramatic increase in people seeking arbitration as a solution. Based on how many individuals and families are still moving each month, we do not expect the pace of U.S. moving arbitration claims to die down any time soon."

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