Wisconsin People’s Party Advocates for Urgent Nationalization of Healthcare in Response to Hospital Closures

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Vice President of Wisconsin People's Party, John Lemberger

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WPP has called for the nationalization of healthcare following the closure of two rural Wisconsin hospitals

OSHKOSH, WI, USA, January 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In response to the recent closure of two hospitals in western Wisconsin, Wisconsin People’s Party (WPP) Vice President John Lemberger addresses the underlying reasons and calls for the urgent nationalization of healthcare in America.

Lemberger highlights the alarming trend of rural hospital closures, which have been on the rise with a staggering 136 closures across the United States since 2010. These closures have left communities without access to crucial healthcare services, and Lemberger asserts that the closure of these two hospitals in Wisconsin does not come as a surprise.

The closure’s reasons, as communicated by HSH and Prevea, include the prolonged operational and financial stress caused by the lingering impacts of the pandemic, inflation, workforce constraints, and local market challenges. Lemberger questions the cited workforce constraint, particularly in light of the news that Marshfield Clinic is furloughing 360 employees. This discrepancy raises concerns about the management and priorities of private healthcare entities.

Lemberger boldly confronts the root cause of this crisis, identifying a “two-headed capitalist monster” consisting of private healthcare and the private insurance industry that funds it. The VP criticizes how rural healthcare providers are increasingly being taken over by investment bankers who burden them with debt, siphoning profits for themselves and neglecting the needs of the communities they serve.

Private insurers exacerbate the problem by denying necessary tests and underpaying for approved procedures, further undermining the accessibility and effectiveness of the healthcare system. Lemberger predicts the collapse of this flawed wealth extraction model and calls for immediate action to prevent its devastating consequences.

The WPP firmly believes that vital services, including healthcare, should be owned by the people. Lemberger emphasizes the urgent need to nationalize healthcare to ensure that the system prioritizes the well-being of Americans rather than investors or insurance companies. Lemberger draws attention to the successful universal healthcare models in European countries, funded through taxation, as evidence that this system works.

To address the pressing healthcare crisis in America, Lemberger proposes a two-step solution. Firstly, the healthcare provider system should be nationalized, removing the influence of profit-seeking investment bankers. Secondly, universal health insurance should be implemented, with Medicare paying for 100% of healthcare costs, expanding coverage to include eyes, ears, and dental care. Under this new system, every American citizen would have comprehensive healthcare coverage, with no exclusions based on pre-existing conditions, referrals, or insurance approvals.

Lemberger concludes with the promising news that this transformative approach to healthcare will not only provide universal coverage but also be more cost-effective. Furthermore, it ensures that individuals can have peace of mind, knowing that their hospitals will always be there when they wake up in the morning.

The WPP urges policymakers and the public to recognize the urgency of nationalizing healthcare and join in their mission to build a healthcare system that serves the people and guarantees accessible and affordable care for all.

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