US Senatorial Candidate and Middle East Specialist Denice Gary-Pandol Calls for Immediate Action to Support Israel

Denice Gary-Pandol for US Senate 2024 (California)

Denice Gary-Pandol for US Senate 2024 (California)

Denice Gary-Pandol for US Senate 2024 (California)

Denice Gary-Pandol - United States Senate 2024 (California)

Denice Gary-Pandol – United States Senate 2024 (California)

Denice Gary-Pandol released a statement that “unequivocally condemns the evil, indefensible atrocities committed against the people of Israel.”

Most Americans do not realize that Palestinians are paid to kill Jews in a ‘pay to slay’ program, which lines the pockets of barbarians on the false premise that Israel is an occupying power.”

— Denice Gary-Pandol

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATEST, October 16, 2023 / — Denice Gary-Pandol, Republican Candidate for United States Senate from California, released a statement that “unequivocally condemns the evil, indefensible atrocities committed against the people of Israel.” She articulated her solidarity with the Jewish State in the face of brutal and indefensible acts of terrorism perpetrated by Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations, backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. As a national security expert having held top-secret clearances, Gary-Pandol fully supports Israel’s inherent right of self-defense and to destroy the terrorist transnational actor – HAMAS – the Islamic Resistance Movement.

Denice notes, “Iran continues to call for the destruction of the United States and Israel. HAMAS, funded and weaponized by Iran, has now called for a Global Day of Jihad.”

In light of these developments, Gary-Pandol urgently calls upon the Biden administration to issue an apology to the people and government of Israel for a statement that suggests Israel should act according to the “Rule of War.”

“Israel needs no reminder and indeed, has always worked to minimize civilian casualties by contacting civilians living in enemy territory by phone or by dropping leaflets before seeking to eliminate terrorists and their infrastructure.” Gary-Pandol stated.

The recent attacks from land, sea, and air have resulted in the beheading of children and infants, burning families alive in their homes, and the murder of many more innocents. The toll on Israel is devastating, with thousands wounded, over 1,200 murdered, and multiple American and Israeli citizens held hostage.

As a U.S. Senator, Denice makes clear she “will work hard to end the cradle to grave hatred, violence, and terror, a part of the institutionalized racism directed against the Jewish people.”

Gary-Pandol expresses concern about Biden administration policies that include the funding of Palestinian groups who have a history of violence against Jews, unfreezing $6 billion in funding to Iran, and a lack of enforced sanctions on Iran’s oil sales to China.

“A civilizational war to annihilate the Jewish people through the killing of innocents for religious and political purposes by HAMAS, the Islamic Resistance Movement and its Quds Force, part of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has been renewed with a vengeance.”

To end the bloodshed and restore peace, Gary-Pandol calls on President Biden and the Democrats to grant Israel time to eradicate Hamas and its infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

Gary-Pandol continues, “As the horrific barbarism and rocket attacks on civilians continue, Iran is working to blow up Israel and the peace process created by the previous administration through the Abraham Accords with Saudi Arabia. To bring peace, Iran must be stopped. HAMAS and Hizballah must be eliminated. Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has taken up this challenge.”

Denice Gary-Pandol is a United States Senatorial Candidate from California with a wealth of knowledge and experience in national security issues. As the only candidate who has held top secret clearances, she is dedicated to promoting the interests of the United States and its allies, including strong support of Israel. Gary-Pandol’s background in national security and diplomacy positions her as a strong advocate for peace and stability in the Middle East. To read her position papers, visit her campaign website at

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Denice Gary-Pandol for US Senate 2024 (California)

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