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ElementalTV and Spanglish Movies Partner to Accelerate US Hispanic Market Activations
in CTV Advertising

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2024 / — ElementalTV, an innovator of data-enriched CTV advertising audience solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Spanglish Movies, a leader in content creation and publishing for the Hispanic market. Together, the companies have created ‘Spanglish Audiences,’ a CTV technology solution designed to expand advertisers reach and effectiveness among Hispanic and LATAM viewers at scale.

Spanglish Audiences offers Fortune 500 brands, agencies, and programmatic SSPs the ability to reach the growing segment of Hispanic viewers through precision ad targeting based on audience interests & behaviors, moving beyond the limitations of traditional CTV audience bundles. Spanglish Audiences leverages Elemental TV’s SmartCuration platform, allowing advertisers to deliver culturally relevant messages to the right viewers, at the right time, ensuring maximum impact and ROI.

The Hispanic demographic is the largest minority group in the United States, representing 20% of the total US population. This influential audience is growing, and content consumption habits indicate an increasing preference for digital. Recent data shows that over 84% of Latin Americans and 59% of Hispanics prefer CTV over traditional TV.

Despite the fact that 1 in 5 Americans is Hispanic, the Hispanic Marketing Council notes that only 6% of overall industry ad spend is invested to reach the Hispanic and LATAM communities. This low level of ad spend relative to the size and importance of this consumer segment highlights a critical gap for advertisers to consider in driving growth. Spanglish Audiences offers advertisers a turnkey solution to effectively engage with Hispanic and LATAM audiences through a deeper, more nuanced multicultural understanding of their consumption patterns.

“Reflecting on our two-year collaboration with Spanglish Movies, we’ve been united by a common goal: to reach US Hispanic and LATAM audiences through advanced CTV solutions,”remarked Albert Yu, Chief Revenue Officer at ElementalTV. “Despite the growing influence of the Hispanic consumers, advertisers struggle to connect with Hispanic audiences due to a lack of comprehensive data, resulting in ineffective campaigns. With ElementalTV’s SmartCuration technology, we’re poised to elevate Spanglish’s inventory, providing advertisers with a spectrum of premium, contextually relevant inventory packages enriched by deep audience insights.”

“We’re excited by this strategic partnership with ElementalTV to offer ‘Spanglish Audiences,’ a transformative initiative set to redefine how advertisers connect with the Hispanic and LATAM communities,” stated Gustavo R. Aparicio, CEO of Spanglish Movies. “By marrying ElementalTV’s AI-driven curation with Spanglish Movies’ targeted reach, we’re not only closing the gap between content and viewer—we’re creating a new groundbreaking solution for

advertisers to engage with a key demographic poised to command over $2.5 trillion in buying power by 2025. This is not an evolution; it’s a revolution in targeting precision and cultural resonance in the digital advertising landscape.”

About ElementalTV

ElementalTV, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Pasadena, CA, is pioneering the next era of adtech with innovations that unlock revenue opportunities in the CTV landscape. SmartCuration, the company’s cutting-edge audience technology, is revolutionizing the media buying process through AI-powered audience planning that merges a robust suite of traditional targeting segments with contextually relevant data into premium, curated inventory. With access to over 95% of US-based households, ElementalTV enables unprecedented audience reach and engagement anytime, anywhere, across any CTV device. ElementalTV’s relentless commitment to innovation is creating a step-change in CTV monetization where technology and audience connectivity converge, providing clients with solutions that maximize audience value through unparalleled, immersive advertising experiences.

About Spanglish Movies

Spanglish Movies, based in Miami, FL, is a diversified media and entertainment company focused on Spanish speaking content, with distribution arms in the United States, Continental Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The company was created in October 2014 by a group of executives from Major Studios, who decided it was time to offer Latin American content producers the work processes that Hollywood film distributors have been applying since the

beginning of the industry. Spanglish Movies creates alliances with licensees around the world, allowing its content creators to benefit from the transfer of rights to broadcast productions in cinemas.

The company is aiming to build an economically viable industry that is transparent, continually

growing, and capable of bringing more, higher quality content year after year.

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