Sally Jane Brown Unveils a Riveting Story on LinkedIn: Championing Reproductive Rights and Arts Leadership

Sally Jane Brown (formerly Deskins), a renowned Strategic Art Curator and Visionary Arts Leader

Anna D. Smith with Diane Hafsah Al-Amin of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners holding the artwork Today We Are Sisters

Image of an abortion rights protest poster by Liz Publika

Protest Poster, Liz Publika

Image of a work of art by Susan Feller. The piece, "Jane S Choice" embodies the back alley methods of abortion pre the passage of Roe v. Wadw

Jane S Choice, 2022, Susan Feller

Image features a sculptural work of art by artist Katrina Majkut

Artwork by Katrina Majkut

Forced Sterilizations in California Prisons: $7.5M in Reparations, 12/31/2023 Deadline to Apply

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2023 / — Sally Jane Brown (formerly Deskins), a renowned Strategic Art Curator and Visionary Arts Leader, has just published a compelling story on LinkedIn titled “Championing Reproductive Rights and Arts Leadership: Anna D. Smith’s Inspiring Advocacy & Artists Response.”

The story delves deep into the intersection of arts leadership and reproductive rights, highlighting Anna D. Smith’s unwavering commitment to shedding light on the pressing issue of forced sterilizations in California prisons. With a looming deadline for affected women prisoners to claim their share of $7.5 million in reparations, Anna’s advocacy, coupled with the powerful artwork of prison artist C-Note, brings this crucial matter to the forefront.

The article also features poignant responses from various artists, emphasizing the significance of bodily autonomy and the role of art in driving social change. From Liz Publika’s activism posters to Judy Takács’s call to action for Ohio’s Reproductive Rights Amendment, the voices of these artists resonate with passion and urgency.

THE FOLLOWING ARTISTS RESPONDED TO: Why is bodily autonomy important to all?


A fervent activist and artist, Liz Publika channels her passion for reproductive freedom into her artwork. Her activism posters are a testament to her deep understanding of the importance of reproductive rights, stemming from her personal experiences and research. Liz’s work serves as a powerful reminder of the systemic injustices surrounding forced sterilization and the broader fight for bodily autonomy.

[View her work]


Carol Radsprecher, an artist with a history of advocating for reproductive freedom, has firsthand experience of the importance of legal, safe abortions. Her artwork and activism are driven by her belief in the fundamental right to bodily autonomy and her personal journey through the changing landscape of reproductive rights.

[Explore her art]


Amy Chaiklin stands firm in her belief that every woman and girl has the inherent right to make decisions about their own bodies. Her artwork and advocacy underscore this fundamental principle, championing the cause of bodily autonomy for all.


With a focus on the intrinsic power of menstruating bodies, Katrina Majkut’s artwork serves as a reminder of the importance of reproductive rights and the autonomy they represent. Her pieces emphasize the historical attempts to control and dictate reproductive rights and the inherent power that menstruating bodies possess.

[Discover her creations]


Judy Takács is a staunch advocate for reproductive rights, emphasizing the personal nature of the decision to become a mother. Her artwork and activism call for full access to healthcare, education, and bodily autonomy, urging individuals to make informed choices about their reproductive health.

[See her portfolio]


Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja’s artwork captures the essence of personal journeys and the dreams of motherhood. She believes in the sanctity of personal choice and the right of every woman to decide what’s best for her body.

[Visit her studio]


Using traditional hand hooking, Susan Feller chronicles social issues and advocates for change. Her artwork, particularly pieces like “Jane S. Choice,” captures the emotions and challenges surrounding reproductive rights, emphasizing the importance of personal choice and bodily autonomy.

[Explore her art]


Anita Groener’s photographs capture the essence of art driving social change. Her work with Ireland’s Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment showcases the influential role of art in sparking conversations on vital social issues, emphasizing the human aspect of the abortion debate.


In the spirit of Anna D. Smith’s advocacy and the voices of countless artists championing reproductive rights, we urge readers to delve into this story, reflect on its profound messages, and most importantly, make their voices heard. Vote for bodily autonomy for all and be a part of the change.

For the full story, see Sally Jane Brown’s LinkedIn article, “Championing Reproductive Rights and Arts Leadership: Anna D. Smith’s Inspiring Advocacy & Artists Response,” and join the conversation, or listen to the audio versions on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Championing Reproductive Rights and Arts Leadership: Anna D. Smith’s Inspiring Advocacy & Artists Response | LinkedIn

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Championing Reproductive Rights and Arts Leadership – YouTube


Sally Jane Brown (formerly Deskins) is a Strategic Art Curator and Visionary Arts Leader with a passion for intertwining art with social causes. Her insights and curations have inspired many, making her a respected figure in the art community. If you don’t have LinkedIn, read the article on her website:

Championing Reproductive Rights and Arts Leadership: Anna D. Smith’s Inspiring Advocacy & Artists Response – Sally Jane Brown


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