Rhode Island Representatives Unite to Join Pediatric and Adult Hydrocephalus Caucus

Congressman Seth Magaziner Joins Hydrocephalus Caucus
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Rhode Island Congressmen Gabe Amo and Seth Magaziner unite to join the Congressional Pediatric and Adult Hydrocephalus Caucus.

More than one million Americans live with hydrocephalus, and Congress must work together to help those facing this life-threatening condition”

— Congressman Seth Magaziner

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Hydrocephalus Association proudly announces that Congressman Gabe Amo (RI-01) and Congressman Seth Magaziner (RI-02) unite to join the Congressional Pediatric and Adult Hydrocephalus Caucus.

Congressmen Amo and Magaziner will play an integral role in advocating for increased awareness, funding, and support for pediatric and adult hydrocephalus patients. Their commitment not only amplifies the voice of their constituents who have the condition but also results in heightened advocacy and representation for their needs.

This will allow them to support issues that hit close to home for Rhode Island hydrocephalus patients. Among these constituents is Nikki Batsford, who has been living with hydrocephalus her whole life. Nikki was recently able to share her story with both members of Congress in their district offices.

“We’re thrilled to welcome both Congressmen Amo and Magaziner to the Pediatric and Adult Hydrocephalus Caucus,” said Diana Gray, President and CEO, Hydrocephalus Association. “It’s fantastic to see both Congressmen joining the Caucus, effectively representing the entire hydrocephalus community in Rhode Island and their need for critical research and improved treatments.”

Hydrocephalus affects over 1 million Americans. The only known treatment for hydrocephalus is brain surgery. Anyone at any time can develop the condition from a traumatic brain injury, brain infection, tumor, or, for unknown reasons, as part of the aging process. One in 770 babies develop hydrocephalus each year. Over 800,000 seniors in the U.S. are estimated to have normal pressure hydrocephalus, though the majority are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as having Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

The most common surgical treatment for hydrocephalus is the placement of a shunt to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain, which has one of the highest failure rates of any medical device on the market. There are approximately 10,000 pediatric hospital admissions for shunt malfunctions each year. Hydrocephalus and a shunt can mean a lifetime of multiple brain surgeries. Dozens of brain surgeries are common and 100 or more is not unheard of.

“I am excited to join the Hydrocephalus Caucus and work with my colleagues to support research into innovative treatments and a long-term cure,” said Congressman Gabe Amo. “Thank you to Nikki, a Rhode Islander from Johnston, for working with my office on this issue. I look forward to raising awareness of Hydrocephalus and working to support the over 1 million Americans living with the condition.”

“One million Americans live with hydrocephalus, and Congress must work together to help those facing this life-threatening condition,” said Congressman Seth Magaziner (RI-02). “I’m joining the Congressional Hydrocephalus Caucus to support research and advocate for Rhode Islanders and people across the country living with this condition.”

The Caucus serves to inform the congressional community about the needs of those living with hydrocephalus, their families, and caregivers. This includes funding for research from the National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense and other key health policy priorities impacting the community such as Medicare and Medicaid access, special education, and rehabilitation services.

For further information on Congressmen Amo’s and Magaziner’s commitment to the Pediatric and Adult Hydrocephalus Caucus, please contact Davis Kaderli at 240-483-4884 or [email protected].

About the Hydrocephalus Association:

Founded in 1983 by parents of children with hydrocephalus, the Hydrocephalus Association has grown to become the nation’s largest and most widely respected organization dedicated to hydrocephalus. The Hydrocephalus Association began funding research in 2009. Since then, HA has committed over $13 million to research, making it the largest nonprofit, non-governmental funder of hydrocephalus research in the U.S. For more information, visit www.hydroassoc.org.

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