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HONG KONG, CHINA, January 26, 2024 / — In an insightful beginning to the new year, Red Lion Capital, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Red Lion Financial Research Institute and various financial media, hosted the “2024 Investment Opportunities Research Report” webinar on January 25th. This online summit, attended by a global audience, featured renowned economists, seasoned financial analysts, and investment experts. They explored the 2024 investment landscape, debating whether precious metals will continue to dominate or if the stock market will lead the investment surge.

Mr. Wu Long ,Senior Analyst at Red Lion Group, opened the conference with a comprehensive review of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy adjustments. He predicted a significant market rebound as the policy cycle nears its end, particularly highlighting the potential rise in liquidity that could boost U.S. and European stock markets. Mr. Wu anticipates that gold will reach new heights in 2024, and a bullish trend for cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin potentially surpassing the $50,000 mark.

Expert Zheng Hong addressed the profound impact of geopolitical dynamics on investment trends, particularly in relation to gold and commodities. He suggested that the continuous tension in geopolitics could further drive gold prices to new records. Zheng also highlighted the promising prospects of commodities like grain and crude oil, significantly influenced by geopolitical factors.

Another expert, Mr. Wan Liang, shared insights on real estate and stock markets. He predicted a rebound in real estate due to ongoing government support policies, while expecting stock markets, after hitting lows in 2023, to show an upward trend in 2024. He noted that while U.S. stocks might benefit more from relaxed monetary policies, the rebound in other markets might be more subdued.

European financial researcher Michael Michaelides commented on the foreign exchange market. He observed a lackluster performance in 2023 with a stabilized U.S. dollar and fluctuations in major currencies like the Euro and the Pound Sterling. For 2024, Michaelides expects a strong appreciation in the Japanese Yen, contrasting the trends of the Euro, Pound, and Australian Dollar.

The webinar concluded with a panel discussion where experts concurred on the potential of gold to achieve new heights in 2024. They also recognized the rebound opportunities in the stock market, particularly in new energy sectors, and emphasized the significance of cryptocurrencies in future investment strategies.

This successful event, marked by unprecedented market attention and increasing online viewership, was extensively covered by major Hong Kong media outlets. Red Lion Capital, a comprehensive financial services institution with years of expertise, reaffirmed its commitment to providing professional research and services to global investors. The webinar, supported by various financial media, served as a crucial resource for investors seeking insights into the first half of 2024 and beyond.

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