Real Estate Brokerage Defends Uniqueness Amid Commission Lawsuits and Industry Opinions

Buyers & sellers rely on agents to advocate for them, seeking almost daily input leading with the question ‘what do you think?’ As the deal evolves, or needs to end, navigating nuances demands talent”

— Ryan Gable

CHICAGO, IL, US, December 29, 2023 / — Recent commission lawsuits have thrust Real Estate Agents into the spotlight, sparking widespread discussions and varied opinions. Amidst the fervor, the focus narrows on a crucial assertion: Real Estate Agents should not be likened to travel agents, stockbrokers, or other professions deemed ripe for disruption. Here’s why:

Distinct Complexity of Real Estate Transactions
Beyond the Cart Mentality: A family vacation can be arranged online swiftly, yet the analogy falters when applied to real estate. Purchasing a home involves far greater cost, involvement, commitment, and complexity, transcending the simplicity of online cart transactions.

Contrasting Stock Transactions: While stock trades occur seamlessly online, the parallel breaks down in terms of cost, commitment, and complexity when compared to real estate transactions. Real estate agents bring vital insights, preventing potential pitfalls and saving substantial sums, as demonstrated by a recent case saving a home buyer $50,000.

Home Buying: A Long-Term Commitment: Home buyers commit to earnest money, down payments, and 30-year mortgages, signifying unparalleled long-term commitment. The gravity of the decision surpasses the instantaneous nature of online purchasing of any product or service. Home buyers take their time, many go months and sometimes years before making a successful purchase.

Unmatched Complexity: Real estate transactions involve multifaceted steps, diverse personalities, emotions, extensive documentation, and a myriad of professionals. Advice is sought out almost everyday.

Unique Nature of Every Transaction: Every home, sale, buyer, and seller situation is unique, presenting unforeseen challenges that algorithms and chatbots cannot predict or resolve. Once a deal goes one way, it often times goes quickly in another, unexpected direction.

Endurance in the Age of Disruption
Real estate agents endure because buyers and sellers want professional guides, and that can be at 10pm on Friday night. The complexities demand expertise and personalized attention, factors that automated systems lack. The enduring role of real estate agents hinges on achieving the best outcomes in the most significant and complex transaction of individuals’ lives.

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