Proposed East San Diego County Recovery Campus looks for Partners to help in the battle against Addiction

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Specially Designed SUD Facility

Specially Designed SUD Facility

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SD Freedom Ranch leads a new project to fight addiction. For 52 years Freedom Ranch has been a beacon of hope for those battling addiction and we can help more!

Next to creating a life, the finest thing a man can do is save one.”

— Abraham Lincoln

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, December 1, 2023 / — The number of deaths due to drug overdose has risen sharply over the last decade, and few parts of the country have been harder hit than San Diego. According to the San Diego County Health and Human Service Agency, in San Diego County, there were more than 1,300 drug overdose deaths in 2021, approximately 75% being from fentanyl. The deaths span the entire county, affecting every community and zip code.

However, the county of San Diego is receiving help in the ongoing fight in the form of a new Behavioral Health Recovery Campus in the Steel Canyon area of East County. The facility is expected to be located at a former therapeutic center situated between Jamul and Rancho San Diego.

Jerry Shirey, Executive Director of San Diego Freedom Ranch, Inc. is leading the new project. For 52 years, the San Diego Freedom Ranch has been a beacon of hope for men suffering from substance abuse disorder in San Diego County at its successful and well-recognized facility in the rural East County region.

“We have witnessed and contributed to the evolution of the substance use disorder field over the years, and we have extensive knowledge of the treatment cycle, understanding relapse triggers, and various shortcomings in the treatment continuum,” Shirey said. “ Our proposal is to formulate and inaugurate San Diego’s first Recovery Campus.”

The Behavioral Health Facility expects to open as a 110-bed residential withdrawal management and treatment center for both men and women. Depending upon how quickly we can get construction completed, we’re aiming for even more beds and services, such as Crisis Stabilization, a Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital, Sobering Center, Outpatient Treatment, Narcotics Treatment Program, and Physical and Mental Health Services, all at one convenient location,” Shirey stated. “But achieving a transformative shift for a facility of this nature can only come to fruition with multiple stakeholders’ endorsements and collaborations. We are forming partnerships with the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, the San Diego Freedom Ranch, and numerous others interested in a refreshing and exciting vision for addiction treatment services.”

Given the depth of the struggle with addiction being seen, the Freedom Ranch is seeking donors and sponsors to help provide for facility infrastructure costs immediately needed to start the process of rehabilitation at the site. “ In-depth details regarding start-up funding needs can be provided. Given these funds, the facility could feasibly be set to open on January 1, 2025, but only if additional funding is found. Immediate needs for starting and operating the facility are projects at $7.5 million. Total costs for the complete project fall around $50 million and will cover the construction of additional buildings, a community park in the flood plain, property restorations, purchase of all necessary operational equipment, team onboarding, training, and other operational necessities. San Diego has been hit especially hard by the addiction crisis. Still, we are optimistic and excited to bring our Recovery Campus model to a community that will benefit greatly from having access to these services. We need individuals ready to make this future a reality now.”

For more information, contact Jerry Shirey, Executive Director 619-503-6036 or [email protected]

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