“Profiles in Character” A WMAL featured Book for the Holiday Season

Profiles in Character

Dr. Jennifer London, CoAuthor “Profiles in Character”

“Profiles in Character” is a WMAL-featured book for the holiday season.

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Profiles in Character,” is a new WMAL featured Book for the Holiday Season. Co-hosts Larry O’Connor of WMAL radio’s “O’Connor and Company” and Dr. Jennifer London, co-author of Profiles in Character, recently sponsored a live conversation featuring this masterfully written coffee table book released in time for the holidays.

Profiles in Character and the Traits that Defined Them is a compelling compilation of intriguing short stories about the defining character traits of famous Americans that are sure to fascinate readers. The book is a remarkable testimony to the insightful knowledge of Drs. Jennifer and J. Phillip “Jack” London and their co-author Taylor Kiland discuss how character shapes success.

This nationally recognized book features powerful and unique character profiles of 16 iconic Americans who defined history. It is an especially timely book for those who recognize America’s need for a renewed focus on character. Readers will be impressed by the depth and diversity of the individuals profiled in this fascinating book as they learn about the individual character traits of each that informed their decisions.

Profiles include presidents Jefferson, Washington, Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan, and both Roosevelts; trailblazers Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart, and Jonas B Salk; Civil War figures Lincoln, Lee, Tubman, and Douglas; and faith leaders Billy Graham and Martin Luther King.

Dr. Jennifer London stated, “As we celebrate this holiday season, I encourage everyone to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in America and find inspiration in the examples set by those who helped shape this country, individuals like those in Profiles in Character. The freedoms and opportunities we enjoy here cannot be found anywhere else. As my late husband, Dr. Jack London, wrote in his memoir Ever Vigilant, ‘I feel very blessed and fortunate to live in this country… In my travels worldwide, I have seen the value of America’s opportunities. It makes me appreciate how this American treasure has lasted so long…and the danger in taking these things for granted’.”

Dr. Jennifer London maintains leadership roles in several organizations, including the Board of Directors of the Navy League of the United States, Chair of the U.S. Navy League Foundation Board, Board of Directors of the National Navy Museum Development Foundation, Trustee of George Mason University Foundation, Life Guard Society of Mt. Vernon, National Council of The White House Historical Association, and Councilor of American Ancestors/New England Historical and Genealogical Society.

As a thought leader, Dr. London has been interviewed by several national radio and TV programs, including Fox Business Network, on business, national security, and the military. She created and led a significant effort in educating and empowering Americans to be active citizens through a greater understanding of our Nation’s early history through her National American History and Founders Month initiative. (www.americanhistoryandfoundersmonth.com).

Dr. London has numerous professional publications to her credit, including “Ever Vigilant; Leadership and Legacy by the Executive Chairman of CACI,” co-authored with Dr. J. Phillip (Jack) London (www. evervigilantthebook.com).

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