Pioneering Black Memphis History and Building Bridges with Africa

What is unknown & untold about Memphis is its “Black on Black Racism” Elmore asked Mayor Paul Young to stop the discrimination & support Black filmmaking in Orange Mound. The City of Memphis discriminated against Elmore via not allowing him to film at City locations

Orange Mound Black Memphis Filmmaking is about more than making movies its about Movement whereas Blacks create a space in Creative Expression whereas you empower yourself to tell your own stories & make your own movies Amp did such in 1988 “The Contemporary Gladiator”

Powerful film written & to be produced in Orange Mound about activist Orange Mound Female Super Hero who fights to tell the story Rock & Roll Music is a Black Legacy Educate Entertains & Inspire teaching Black History Film gives true insight into life in Africa Today

Amp invited Gov Nyongo & Kenya dignitaries to celebrate Memphis Bicentennial & honor Dr. King’s Legacy & Honor African history & Culture Gov. Nyongo invited Elmore & African/American to celebrate African Culture this act bridge gap between Africa & Black Americans

Gov. Nyong’o sent this official Invitation to Elmore & asked Elmore to mobilize like minded African/Americans to come to Kenya for the World Largest African Cultural Celebration Elmore will invite Memphis Mayor Paul Young & Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen & many others

Memphis Filmmaker “Amp” Elmore First in Memphis history to Chronicle Black Memphis History Elmore ask Memphis Mayor Young to create jobs via African Trade

Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history”

— Dr. Carter G. Woodson Father of Black History

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2024 / — Anthony “Amp” Elmore, renowned as a five-time World Kickboxing Champion, is leaving an indelible mark on Memphis and the world. Beyond his athletic achievements, Elmore’s passion for America, his community, honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and helping future generations, Elmore is using filmmaking, Cultural Diplomacy, Family, History and Education in the fight for racial justice for Blacks in Memphis.

Elmore is dedicating his life to chronicling “Black Memphis History” via film. Elmore is reshaping our understanding and is giving youth a vehicle into “Black Memphis history” and Africa. Elmore created “The Black Memphis History Website.” .

Anthony “Amp” Elmore is the father of Independent theatrical filmmaking in Memphis whose film history is racially obscured and unacknowledged in Memphis. Elmore is single handedly working on the monumental task of creating 100’s of short and long films chronicling “Black Memphis History” via Cinema.

Anthony “Amp” Elmore, who aims to bring Africans and African Americans together, embracing heritage is a form of cultural diplomacy. It fosters understanding, collaboration, and unity across continents. Understanding their heritage connects African American youth to their roots, fostering a sense of identity and pride. It allows them to appreciate their ancestors’ struggles, achievements, and contributions to history.

By learning about their heritage, African American youth can challenge negative stereotypes and misconceptions. Knowledge of their cultural legacy empowers them to counter harmful narratives and build self-esteem. As the African American community diversifies, maintaining a sense of community becomes essential. Heritage provides a common thread that unites individuals, even as families lose connections to their Black roots.

Elmore explains; Videos allow viewers to connect emotionally with the subject matter. Through visuals, music, and narration, you can evoke feelings and create a lasting impact. Videos are accessible to a wider audience, including those who might not have the time or inclination to read lengthy books. They can be easily shared on social media platforms, reaching people across geographical boundaries.

The combination of moving images, interviews, and real-life footage keeps viewers engaged. It’s easier to absorb information when it’s presented dynamically. Videos engage both visual and auditory senses, making the content more memorable. Viewers can see, hear, and sometimes even feel the stories being told. Short video documentaries can convey a lot of information in a concise format. They allow you to cover significant historical events or themes without overwhelming the audience.

Elmore is driven by his fight for justice whereas he is seeking to be rightfully acknowledged as “The Father of Independent Theatrical Filmmaking in Memphis.” Elmore calls upon the Memphis Shelby Film Commission, Indie Memphis, and the Shelby County Historical Commission to rightfully acknowledge his 1988 Film release “The Contemporary Gladiator” Memphis 1st 35mm Independent Theatrical Film Release.

Elmore is creating 100’s of “Black Memphis History” films. Elmore notes it is easy for these Memphis organizations to deny our one 35mm theatrical film release “The Contemporary Gladiator” however I am “The curator of Black Memphis History” whereas I produced 100’s of short and long “Black Memphis History” educational Films whereas it is a common practice to deny Black History.

On April 30, 2024, newly elected African/American Memphis Mayor Paul Young visited Orange Mound via his “One Memphis Tour.” Elmore pleaded with Mayor Young to acknowledge “Black Memphis History” and stop the Memphis Film Commission, Shelby County Historical Commission and Indie Memphis “White Supremacy, Racism and Black on Black Racism” via their silence in denying Elmore’s Black Memphis Film History.

Elmore asked Mayor Young to create jobs, culture and enlightenment via trade, culture and Family with Africa. Cultural Exchange: Learning about different histories and cultures can broaden perspectives and foster a deeper understanding of one’s roots

Elmore’s creation of the first all-African home in America showcases how African design can be incorporated into American aesthetics. This exchange can inspire African Americans to incorporate African elements into their homes, celebrating their heritage. Jobs and industry can be created via African cultural inclusion. As Memphis is “America’s Distribution Center” Memphis can become “Africa’s Distribution Center.”

Elmore whose 1988 film “The Contemporary Gladiator” was met with racism and White Supremacy in Memphis, the film premiered in Kenya whereas Elmore received a “hero’s welcome in kenya.”

Elmore notes building relationships with family and friends in Africa can provide a sense of belonging and community. President Obama said in a speech in Kenya: ” . The experience gave him “a sense of satisfaction that no five-star hotel could ever provide.” It connected him to his past and the stories of those who came before him.”

African Americans would love Traveling to Africa for safaris or beach visits, as Elmore describes, offers unique experiences that can’t be found elsewhere. Such trips can be transformative, offering African Americans a chance to connect with the continent in a profound way.

Africa’s openness to trade presents economic opportunities for African Americans. Small businesses can engage in commerce with African mom-and-pop shops, as Elmore did with his wardrobe made in Ghana. This can lead to mutually beneficial relationships and economic growth.

In 2009 Elmore created an “African Mud Cloth tuxedo for President Obama” made in Ghana for President Obama’s inauguration . Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen delivered the Tuxedo to the Whitehouse whereas they accepted the tuxedo noting they would feature the African Tuxedo for Barack Obama Presidential Library. President Obama sent Elmore a thank you note.

In 1987, Elmore embarked on a groundbreaking journey. Elmore not only produced Memphis’ first 35mm independent theatrical film, “The Contemporary Gladiator,” which hit theaters in 1988. This Memphis film is the 1st Kickboxing film in World Film history. Elmore explains that it is Memphis “White Supremacy, Racism and Black on Black Racism”, whereas Black Memphis Elected officials are complicit with Whites in denying not only Black Memphis its “World Film History;” Memphis blatantly denies Black America benefit of “The inspiring true Story of the 1988 Memphis made Black movie (The Contemporary Gladiator.) Memphis robs America of this”Historical Asset.”

Anthony “Amp” Elmore, a Memphis-born filmmaker, holds an untold significant place in the city’s history as the first independent 35mm theatrical filmmaker. His groundbreaking work challenges the status quo and highlights the importance of recognizing Black Memphis film history.

The Library of Congress select films each year for their historical, cultural and aesthetic contributions. Such a selection benefits not only a city, but also benefits a community. Elmore asks Memphis Mayor Paul Young to support the effort of getting (Memphis 1988 film) “The Contemporary Gladiator” honored via the United States Congressional “National film Registry.” Click here see Nov. 10, 2023 Channel 5 News regarding Elmore’s efforts.

In 2019 Memphis invested over 5 million tax dollars via the “Failed NBC Drama Bluff City Law.” EDGE gave 1.25 Million to “Young Rock” that was a “Travesty and injustice to Black Memphis.” The failed “Bluff City Law” tells the story of White Civil Rights attorneys whereas Anthony “Amp” Elmore “Black Memphis history” videos reveals the story of Black Memphis Civil Rights Attorneys; A.W. Willis, Russell B. Sugarmon, Benjamin Hooks, Ben F. Jones and others.

“Young Rock” was an NBC story, whereas Memphis tax payer dollars gave opportunity to “Samoans” to tell their stories, whereas Memphis a 70% African/American population provides no opportunity for African/Americans in film. Discrimination and underrepresentation persist in various industries, including film.

“The Memphis policy often employ economic discrimination. If a project doesn’t meet their funding standards, it won’t receive assistance. Ironically, some films that Memphis supported were not fully funded, while the film companies promised job creation and investment but ultimately left Memphis funding their failed projects.”

Concurrent to Memphis spending over 5 million dollars for the “Failed NBC Bluff City Law” Black Filmmaker Tyler Perry in Atlanta opened a Multi-Billion dollar Black film Studio in Atlanta. Not only did Black Atlanta Filmmaker Tyler Perry open the largest film studio in America he expanded his studio.

It was February 1, 2023 whereas Vice President Kamala Harris attended the funeral in Memphis of 29 year Tyree Nichols whereas 5 Black Memphis Police officers brutally beat Tyree Nichols to death. In Memphis one no longer have worry about “White on Black Racism” whereas Memphis has a culture of “Black on Black racism” as demonstrated in the death of Tyree Nichols.

Elmore explains that the tragic death of Tyree Nichols is just the surface of the culture of “Memphis Black on Black Racism”. While Memphis gave money to failed NBC programs Elmore prays that he could get NBC’s Rachel Maddow or the national media to do a story regarding Memphis “Black on Black Racism” and discrimination. Click Here to read a national news story regarding Memphis discrimination.

Click here to read national Story regarding Elmore’s vision. On May 23, 2024 President Biden welcomed Kenya President Dr. William Ruto to the White House. The meeting aimed to strengthen ties between the two nations and explore opportunities for collaboration in various areas, including trade, investment, and development. President Ruto’s visit signifies the importance of Kenya-U.S. relations and underscores their commitment to mutual interests and cooperation.

In 1990, Anthony “Amp” Elmore’s groundbreaking 1988 film, “The Contemporary Gladiator,” premiered in Kenya. Elmore received a hero’s welcome, and in 1992, Kenya’s President Daniel Arap Moi named Elmore an African Ambassador. Since then, Elmore has maintained diplomatic relationships with Kenya.

Fast forward to 2019, when African diplomats, led by Kisumu Kenya Governor Peter Nyong’o, visited Memphis. Governor Nyong’o found his experience in Memphis more enlightening than years of visiting America. Elmore, committed to fostering connections between Kenya and Memphis, faced challenges.

In 1992 former Black Memphis Mayor Herenton told Elmore he wanted no relationship between Memphis and Kenya. Black Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris would not invite the African dignitaries lead by Professor Nyong’o to his Memphis office as House Speaker Mike Johnson would not allow Kenya President Ruto to address Congress.

Professor Nyong’o taught at Harvard. He introduced African studies to Latin America where his daughter born in Mexico City Mexico in 1983 went on to win an academy award in 2013 for her role in the movie “12 years A Slave.” She is the star of the “Black Panther Movie.” Her name is “Lupita Nyong’o.” The African dignitaries came to Memphis to celebrate Memphis Bicentennial and to honor Dr. Martin Luther was not formally acknowledged in Memphis nor invited to the office of Black Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris.

In 2021 Tennessee District 93 Representative G.A. Hardaway attended the Africities Summit in Kisumu, Kenya where Governor Nyong’o is the Governor. The 1st Place Governor Nyong’o came in Memphis was to Elmore’s house in “Orange Mound.”

Elmore is creating cultural diplomacy via shooting scenes via his upcoming Film production . Representative G.A. Hardaway not only refuse to acknowledge via the State of Tennessee the fact that Elmore is the father of 35mm Independent theatrical filmmaking in Memphis. Elmore’s 1988 film “The Contemporary Gladiator” produced in district 93 in Orange Mound in Representative Hardaway’s district, Representative Hardaway in 2019 made it his priority to seek as 18 million dollar appropriation grant for the failed White NBC series “Bluff City Law.”

Elmore has taken on the “Cultural Diplomatic” connecting Memphis and Kenya whereas Elmore will shoot beginning scenes of his upcoming movie production . Black Tennessee State Representative G.A. Hardaway refuse acknowledge the significance of Black filmmaking in Memphis and how such could benefit the African/American Community of “Orange Mound.”

Review the June 12, 2024 attached letter to Anthony “Amp” Elmore from County Government of Kisumu Office of the Governor Honorable (Prof.) Peter Anyang Nyong’o . Governor Nyong’o invited Anthony “Amp” Elmore to participate and be a speaker at the FESTACT or “The Black Festival Of Arts For Africa.” FESTACT is the World’s largest Celebration of African Art and Culture in the world.

Elmore notes Memphis being the most populated Black City in America can benefit via family, culture, trade and education we Africa. We are home of “STAX” and we are “The Soul of America” whereas we can send Stax youth. Elmore is asking Memphis Mayor Paul Young to join him and support Memphis being a part of “FESTAC ” (World’s Largest African Cultural Celebration.)

It was announced on Friday June 14, 2024 that former President Barack Obama Jr. to Launch School of Leadership at the “University of Nairobi.” Kenya President Ruto visited the Tyler Perry Studio in Atlanta where he met television host actor and Comedian Steve Harvey who promised to visit Kenya in September 2024. These are the words of Kenya President William Ruto: “

“When I was in America, I asked for an appointment with former president Barack Obama. I was just asking him for one thing. I am an alumnus of the University of Nairobi, and I told Obama, “Your father was an alumnus of UoN. I requested him to assist us set up a school in the fashion of the Kennedy School of Leadership in Harvard, but this time to be a school of leadership in Nairobi University, and I asked him let us call it Barack Obama School of Leadership in the University of Nairobi, and Barack Obama agreed, and he will come here next year.”

While Kenya President Dr. William Ruto met with President Biden on May 23, 2024 The meeting aimed to strengthen ties between the two nations and explore opportunities for collaboration in various areas, including trade, investment, and development.

In July of 1992 Elmore met with Kenya President Daniel Arap Moi who named Elmore an African Ambassador. Elmore notes that Africa never took advantage of “AGOA” or the African Growth and Opportunity Act that has been in effect since 2000 that expires in 2025 unless reenacted again by Congress.

Anthony “Amp” Elmore, a filmmaker and martial artist from Memphis, Tennessee, has dedicated himself to honoring Mboya’s memory. Elmore advocates for a film about Tom Mboya’s life, emphasizing the need to recognize his contributions. Such a movie could inspire future generations and highlight the enduring connections between Kenya and America. In summary, Tom Mboya’s legacy transcends borders, bridging Kenya and the United States. His vision, advocacy, and commitment to education continue to resonate, reminding us of the power of individuals to shape history

Anthony “Amp” Elmore, a passionate advocate for cultural exchange, aims to make a significant impact during FESTAC Africa 2024. His strategy involves:

Elmore extends invitations to Memphis Mayor Paul Young, Congressman Steve Cohen, and other elected Shelby County officials. Their presence at the celebration will symbolize Memphis’s commitment to fostering international relations. Elmore encourages entertainers to sponsor their way to Kenya for FESTAC. Performers can showcase their talent, connect with African audiences, and receive well-deserved recognition.

Memphis news outlets covering the celebration will amplify its significance. Elmore also engages with the Black press to share the story globally.

By actively involving Memphis and emphasizing cultural exchange, Elmore’s efforts will resonate beyond borders, fostering understanding and unity.

Kisumu, Kenya, readies for FESTAC Africa 2024—a vibrant celebration of African culture. As a filmmaker, I’ll document this historic event, bridging continents and honoring leaders. Elmore asks Kenya for “HAMRAMBEE”

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Black Memphis History Filmmaker Elmore Request Mayor Young to Stop Film Commission’s Racism

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