Patient Advocacy Non-Profit celebrates two years of patient support, asks for support on Giving Tuesday

React19 is a science-based patient advocacy organization dedicated to supporting people who have suffered Covid vaccine adverse events.

React19 turns two years old, distributes $750,000 in medical grants, plans to continue giving in 2024.

I am a single mom of two. To receive the gift from [REACT19] was such a blessing of hope that there are truly people out there advocating for us and fighting for us. I cannot thank you enough!”

— -Shawnee

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, USA, November 24, 2023 / — React19, a science-based non-profit dedicated to providing physical, emotional, and financial support for people suffering lasting side-effects linked to Covid-19 vaccines just turned two years old. A lot has unfolded in the last couple years and the organization has accomplished a lot thanks to the help of many. But there is much more work ahead to ensure vaccine injured individuals receive the support and care they need. React19 shares accomplishments over the last two years in hopes to spur a generous giving campaign for giving Tuesday.

A cornerstone for their work to advocate for a membership of over 36,000 vaccine-injured Americans, React19’s CarefFund has distributed $750,000 in medical grants to people in need. In contrast, the United States government has issued just over $32,000 total to eight people for medical expenses.

React19 has had to step in and help fill a terrible gap. 100% of the donations to the CareFund go into the hands of someone who needs help with out-of-pocket medical expenses. “The importance of helping people now is a top priority for us,” Brianne Dressen, co-founder of React19 says, “People who are too ill to work can’t wait for the government to figure out how to pay people years down the road. They need help now, bills are piling up now, they need medical care now.”

Recipients of the grants have this to say:

“I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! This is going to provide a great deal of financial relief for me. I cannot express my gratitude enough.”


“Your boldness for being what you are…. that’s what the world needs. A light in the dark where most wouldn’t dare to go. This grant is an answered prayer for me.” -Hurshi

In the last year, React19 was featured in mainstream news pieces in Science Magazine, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, TrialSite News, and has participated and co-authored papers with research at Yale, NIH, Mt. Sinai and University of Maryland.

In furtherance of their mission React19’s board of directors also are proud to share the following accomplishments from this past year.

• React19 CareFund has issued $750,000 in medical grants to people in need.

• Expanded our network to over 36,000 Covid vaccine-injured U.S. Residents.

• Filed two lawsuits that will impact every injured American.

– First Amendment Federal Lawsuit – Censorship with the New Civil Liberties Alliance

– PREP Act and CICP Federal Lawsuit – Strike PREP act immunity, protect injured’s 5th and 7th amendment rights, with ICAN.

• Published and cited in multiple articles including in the British Medical Journal,

• Science Magazine, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, etc.

• Presented a first-ever briefing to the House of Representatives with Rep. Lloyd Smucker (PA).

• Continued advocacy on The Hill for awareness, call for research, and compensation reform.

• Continue to advocate and research globally with the Covid vaccine-injured international coalition.

• 22 FREE Webinars with topics like autonomic dysfunction, research, and MCAS.

• 3500 Peer-reviewed publications on Covid vaccine adverse events. Continue to grow this database.

• Collaborated, participated, recruited for research studies, and are engaged in several more in our search for answers, solutions, and ways to restore our previous lives.

• Conducting a first-ever IRB approved research study with 2500 participants in collaboration with the vaccine injured international coalition.

• Expanded our medical and mental health provider network of over 250 compassionate providers.

• Patient advocacy network to help patients connect to resources specific to their needs, and provide a supportive community.

This giving Tuesday, consider giving back to a community who aims to make the most of every dollar donated.

React19’s upcoming goals for 2024:

• Pay out $1million in CareFund grants

• Open a complex care clinic with board certified physicians in the Dallas/Ft Worth area

• Expand automated tracking for VAERS and other reports for the membership

• Move forward with independent research for mainstream medical journals.

• Finalize the first-ever research project to better define these syndromes

• Continue to expand React19’s advocacy and other support programs

All of React19’s donors represent individual contributors with no dependence on corporate sponsorships A monthly contribution of $50 will give someone the ability to pay for urgently needed monthly prescriptions for example. A contribution of $100 will help someone get to a doctor’s visit. A contribution of $7000 will get someone FDA approved testing and treatment established through their insurance for a life-long treatment plan. Every dollar adds up to make a big difference for someone in need and is 100% tax deducible.

To learn more about our programs or to donate, visit:

Brianne Dressen
+1 435-849-5654
[email protected]

React19 CareFund

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