Nothing Escapes a TridentSeal® Repair, Including Fugitive GHG Emissions

Two completed TridentSeal repairs (top center: elbow & bottom center: threaded fitting)

Stay 2020 PIPES Act & PHMSA compliant with TridentSeal®

Stay 2020 PIPES Act & PHMSA compliant with TridentSeal®

Diameter-specific kits designed and third-party tested for natural gas use

Diameter-specific kits designed and third-party tested for natural gas use

Stay PIPES Act and PHMSA Compliant with TridentSeal®

In today’s environment, staying compliant with regulatory changes is critical. TridentSeal eliminates GHG emissions on last mile distribution lines & delivers low-cost integrity for underlying assets.”

— Cedric Oudinot

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/ — Distribution pipeline operators are now required to repair any identified leaks within a timely period, according to the 2020 PIPES Act and PHMSA’s Gas Distribution Pipeline Regulations. CSNRI has re-engineered its TridentSeal product to broaden its scope, assisting operators maintain compliance and minimize the release of fugitive emissions.

After nearly two decades of proven success, TridentSeal® is now even better! Designed for the repair of live leaks in gas distribution lines, TridentSeal has been tested to perform to these expanded capabilities:

• Increased live pressure rating up to 125 psi

• Lowered ambient installation temperature from 32⁰ F to 15⁰ F for cold weather applications

These newly qualified standards make TridentSeal an even more efficient, permanent repair solution to address live leaks and fugitive emissions for a wider range of applications on both above and below ground gas distribution lines, in full compliance of the 2020 PIPES Act which calls for the timely repair of all leaks that pose a risk to public safety or the environment. TridentSeal provides rapid response with on-the-spot repairs, minimizing downtime.

CSNRI Composites, President Cedric Oudinot said: “In today’s regulated energy infrastructure business environment, staying ahead of, or compliant with regulatory changes is more critical than ever. TridentSeal is a proven solution for eliminating GHG emissions on last mile gas distribution lines, and delivering low-cost, long-term integrity for the underlying asset. This allows gas distribution operators to hit their dual mandate of serving communities safely and meeting their GHG reduction mandate.”

The TridentSeal repair kit provides a simple, four-step repair that requires no hot work or special tools. The kit includes TridentPutty, which penetrates the defect, seals the leak, and bonds with the piping. A pressure-sealing tape further compresses the putty, improving its bond to the underlying substrate. Both the putty and tape are then mechanically protected with the TridentSeal water-activated, composite outer wrap. Once cured, the system provides a permanent, tamper-proof repair for active gas leaks to <125 psi (8.6 bar) without interruption to service.

After more than 200,000+ successful installs with no known failures over last twenty years, TridentSeal requires no special training or certification and can be easily installed using the product insert, watching the online training videos, or scheduling instructor led training with an authorized Trident distributor. Practical and written exams are available upon request, if required by asset owner’s procedures.


About CSNRI Composites

CSNRI is the world’s leading manufacturer of highly innovative, engineered products for the repair and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure. CSNRI’s composite solutions address pipeline anomalies from metal loss and small deformations to large deformations, crack/crack-like features, as well as damage to process piping working in the range of -50ºF to 597ºF (-46ºC to 314ºC).

We support our products with best-in-class design, engineering, testing, and training services to ensure proper installation and optimal performance. Our industry-leading products are easy to install, cost-effective to deploy, and durable for decades.

CSNRI Composites is part of Critica Infrastructure.

About Critica Infrastructure

Critica Infrastructure is shaping the future of critical infrastructure through highly-engineered and proven composites, insertion valves, geopolymer materials, and fiber-reinforced polymers, and associated engineering support and training services.

Critica Infrastructure solutions are used to construct, maintain, strengthen, protect, and rehabilitate energy transmission and distribution lines, high-consequence industrial pipework, water pipelines, tanks, storm and sanitation systems, and civil/structural assets. Critica Infrastructure solutions are safer and more sustainable, easy to install, cost effective to deploy, and durable for decades.

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CSNRI Composites
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TridentSeal® threaded fitting installation video. Each kit permanently repairs one leak on above- and below-grade gas lines, services, and meter-sets

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