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The Ukrainian defense industry is the most creative and resourceful in the world by necessity. What we need to win this war is to form the right partnerships”

— Sergiy Vysotski, VP of the National Association of Ukraine Defense Industry

WASHINGTON D.C., DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2024 / — The 1st Annual U.S.–Ukraine Freedom Summit, set to take place from June 5-7, 2024, at the Residence Inn Arlington Capital View and Andrews Air Force Base, MD, is not just a venue for high-level discussions on defense and Veterans affairs—it’s a prime opportunity for forging long-lasting partnerships and collaborative endeavors. This year, the summit will feature several tailored networking sessions aimed at enhancing collaboration between leaders from various sectors.

Event Details:

• Date: June 5-7, 2024

• Location: Residence Inn Arlington Capital View, Washington D.C., and Andrews Air Force Base, MD

Recognizing the importance of connections that lead to collaborative success, the summit organizers have meticulously planned networking sessions that allow attendees to interact, share ideas, and initiate cooperative projects. These sessions are designed to connect policymakers, defense industry experts, Veteran support advocates, and business leaders from both the United States and Ukraine.

“While it’s vital to equip warfighters in Ukraine with the tools and support they need to succeed on the battlefield, it’s equally important to ensure they receive the treatment and rehabilitation required for rapid mental health recovery,” said Rob French, Director of Business Development at Red Cat. “We are aligned with The Borderlands Foundation’s mission and are honored to sponsor this year’s U.S.-Ukraine Veterans Charity Golf Tournament.”

“The program, participants and the structure of activities are designed to facilitate direct face to face exchanges between synergistic organizations. It is intended to foster relationship development and new paths for collaboration and innovation. We expect to create a wide range of new partnerships focused on enhanced defense of Ukraine while also exploring new and evolving Veterans Affair programs related to ever growing need for support for Veterans and their families. The connections begin on Day 1 – June 5, 2024. Look froward to exploring new opportunities to amplify our efforts to help Ukraine to achieve victory and lasting peace.” John Lyons – CEO I720 Global and Strategic Advisor to the 1st Freedom Summit

Highlighted Benefits:

• Business Development: Attendees can explore new markets and access industry leaders and decision-makers, opening doors to multinational business opportunities.

• Collaborative Projects: Opportunities to partner on projects that address shared challenges, such as cybersecurity, veteran rehabilitation, and public safety.

• Knowledge Exchange: A chance to share expertise and insights, gaining new perspectives that can enhance personal and organizational growth.

Networking Sessions Overview:

1. Industry Leader Meetups:

a. Purpose: Designed for C-level executives and decision-makers, these meetups facilitate discussions on potential joint ventures, technology transfers, and cooperative defense projects.

b. Format: Roundtable discussions followed by one-on-one meetings.

2. Veteran Affairs Collaboration Hub:

a. Purpose: To connect non-profit organizations, Veteran affairs departments, and rehabilitation experts to discuss best practices and innovative approaches to Veteran care.

b. Format: Panel discussions and collaborative workshops.

3. Innovators and Entrepreneurs Exchange:

a. Purpose: Aimed at startups and technology innovators, this exchange encourages discussions on emerging technologies in defense and Veteran support systems.

b. Format: Pitch sessions and feedback rounds with industry leaders.

Sergiy Vysotski, the Vice President of the National Association of Ukraine Defense Industry commented “We represent the top private defense companies of Ukraine that are on the front lines of the technological and industrial race to defeat Russian aggression. The Ukrainian defense industry is the most creative and resourceful in the world by necessity. What we need to win this war is to form the right partnerships with the right companies, governmental leaders, supply chains, and inventors in the greatest Defense Industry in the world that resides in America. He added, “The National Association of Ukraine Defense Industries is proud to sponsor the Borderlands Foundation in their effort to connect the U.S. and Ukrainian Defense and Veterans Communities. We are also proud to support the Borderlands Foundation whose mission is to make sure that the heroes of Ukraine are never forgotten. Supporting their work in researching and treating PTSD in Veterans in Ukraine is the least our industry can do to give back to the heroes we all serve.”

Event Partners and Sponsors Announced Today:

The Ukrainian Veterans Foundation

Ukrainian Armor


Revived Soldiers Ukraine

United Help Ukraine

People of Ukraine

Homeland Security Today

The Cipher Brief

International Stability Operations Association (ISOA)

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)

TEAL Drones a Red Cat Company

I720 Global, LLC.

About the U.S.–Ukraine Freedom Summit:

The Summit is a collaborative platform designed to address the most pressing issues faced by the defense communities and veterans of the U.S. and Ukraine. By bringing together experts from various fields, the summit aims to foster a deeper understanding and develop strategic solutions that benefit global security and veteran welfare.

About Borderlands Foundation:

The Borderlands Foundation is committed to supporting Ukrainian war heroes through comprehensive rehabilitation programs and therapy for PTSD. With initiatives like the charity golf tournament, the foundation aims to foster unity, healing, and support for those who have served their countries bravely. For more information, please visit Borderlands Foundation Website –

Event Registration and Contact Information:

To register for the summit or the charity golf tournament, or for more information, interviews, or inquiries about the event, please contact the team at the Borderlands Foundation.

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