Mele Stands for Ending County Lines on Balloting Beginning with 2024 Primary

CLARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2023 / — Gregg Mele, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2024, is joining with Fair Ballot Alliance New Jersey and Andy Kim in calling for all County Chairs currently using the “County Line” method of ballot alignment to change, beginning with the 2024 primary election ballots, by placing all U.S. Senate candidates in a separate “Office Bloc”, as utilized by Salem County in the 2017 primary, or, if not possible for reasons that would need to be explained, then together on the County Line, ideally with the order determined randomly, as utilized by Mercer County in the 2020 primary.

With the “County Line” system, money and favors can dictate endorsements from Party leadership, which, when reflected by the line, unduly suggests to the public that there has been some sort of vetting of qualifications, which is almost never the case. Without this system, the public will not be wrongly influenced into thinking the Party leadership has done all their homework for them, and they will be much more likely to actually look into the candidates’ qualifications for themselves to make better choices in the primary. This way, they will no longer need to complain, as we all hear so often, about having two terrible choices in November, and need to always vote against someone, rather than ever voting for someone, a chief cause of low voter turnout.

The Fair Ballot Alliance New Jersey is a statewide coalition of grassroots groups calling for a fair primary election for the U.S. Senate election in 2024 and, ultimately, the adoption of a fair ballot design for all elections in New Jersey.

Mele is taking a stand with Fair Ballot Alliance because he believes “If people want the state and the country to be fixed, we need to focus on finding strong, tireless leaders with top-notch qualifications above all else. There have been very few candidates that people could actually get excited about and rally behind. All candidates should offer this optimism to the People, instead of out-of-touch elitists who excite no one and believe more in self-service than public service.”

Republican Senatorial candidate Gregg Mele is a life-long resident of the great state of New Jersey who is passionate about restoring liberty and freedom to the state. From the pinelands to the NYC border, from High Point down the length of the Jersey shore, he has the pulse of New Jersey running through his veins. You can learn more about Mele’s work to return accountability and responsibility to government by visiting his campaign website at

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