March for Heroes: Orlando Silkies Ruck Unites Veterans and Frontline First Responders

Shoulder to Shoulder: Heroes stepping forward at the Silkies Ruck March, united in their mission to uplift and support our veterans and frontline first responders.

March for Heroes: Florida4Warriors Orlando Silkies Ruck Unites Veterans and Frontline First Responders March 2, 2024

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2024 / — Florida4Warriors is gearing up for the Orlando Silkies Ruck on March 2nd, a special event aimed exclusively at veterans, active duty military, reservists, National Guard members, and our dedicated first responders. In the heart of Orlando, this march begins at The Basement Bar at 68 E Pine St, challenging participants to complete a 22km ruck march carrying 22kg, all while donning silkies shorts to foster a sense of unity and lighten the mood in the fight against veteran suicide.

Event Details:
Date: MARCH 2nd
Time: Breakfast and registration at 08:30 AM
Step off at: The Basement Bar, 68 E Pine St, Orlando
Eligibility: Specifically for veterans, active duty, reserve, guard members, and frontline first responders

Driven by a Deeply Personal Mission: The Orlando Silkies Ruck transcends physical endurance, embodying a heartfelt commitment to prevent veteran and first responder suicide and nurture a support network for those who’ve valiantly served. Sisters and co-founders of Florida4Warriors, Tamara Sugar and Terri Lynn Sugar-Robinson, were propelled into action by the tragic loss of a dear family friend, a combat veteran. “That loss was our wake-up call,” Tamara reflects. “It underscored the urgent need for a robust, supportive community for our veterans and first responders—a community we’re determined to build through Florida4Warriors, fueled by volunteerism and a collective resolve to combat veteran suicide.”

Terri Lynn adds, “Our march is more than just a physical challenge; it’s a journey towards healing. We’re here to forge a network filled with hope and unwavering support for our heroes, ensuring they never feel alone in their battles.”

Why Silkies?: The choice of silkies for the ruck march is more than a whimsical decision; it symbolizes the blend of seriousness and lightheartedness that characterizes our approach to tackling the challenges faced by veterans and frontline first responders. It’s about breaking down barriers, encouraging smiles, and building camaraderie.

Join Us in Making a Difference: This event is a rallying call for our military and first responder communities to stand together in solidarity and support. Your participation is a powerful gesture of commitment to our collective well-being and a step forward in the journey towards healing and resilience.

Call to Action for Donations: Florida4Warriors operates on 100% volunteerism and your support through donations, both monetary and in-kind contributions like food and snacks, is invaluable. These donations are crucial in enabling us to provide a supportive and nourishing environment for our participants, reinforcing the sense of community and care that is at the heart of our mission.

About Florida4Warriors: Founded on the principles of camaraderie, support, and volunteerism, Florida4Warriors is dedicated to uniting and uplifting Florida’s veterans and frontline first responders. Our events and initiatives are designed to provide a strong support network, promoting mental health and well-being among those who have served.

For Media Inquiries, Contact:

Tamara Sugar Tamara Sugar
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We warmly invite you to join us on March 2nd, to lace up your boots, slip into your silkies, and march with us towards a future where no veteran or frontline first responder feels alone. Together, we are not just strong; we are unstoppable.

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