Lee Anne Bauer’s ‘The Risk Rule’ debuts at LOOKCinemas-Glendale Apr 11, Exposing Women’s Military Combat Role Exclusion

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a female within a man’s world has always been a part of my life

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Filmmaker Lee Anne Bauer is set to unveil her latest cinematic endeavor, ‘The Risk Rule,’ at the anticipated NoHo CineFest’s Mini CineFest on April 11. Tackling the profound and timely issue of women’s exclusion from combat roles within the military, the film delves into the intricate challenges faced by female soldiers and the pervasive efforts to conceal discriminatory practices by their male counterparts.

Bauer’s creative journey for ‘The Risk Rule’ is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and keen observations as a woman navigating predominantly male spheres. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Bauer’s upbringing amidst a blue-collar family, coupled with her father’s hockey background and grandfather’s military service, instilled in her a profound sense of patriotism and resilience. Her professional trajectory into mechanical engineering and subsequent tenure in the military contracting industry further exposed her to the gender disparities and institutionalized corruption prevalent within such domains.

Reflecting on her motivations for delving into the subject matter, Bauer shares, “Being a female within a man’s world has always been a part of my life…I knew I wanted to make a film with a story that centered around my experiences as a female in that environment.” Recounting a poignant moment of inspiration during a drive past Camp Pendleton, where she witnessed a patriotic tableau against the backdrop of the American flag and military personnel, Bauer felt compelled to shed light on the underrepresented narrative of women in combat, a story seldom depicted in mainstream cinema.

To ensure authenticity and fidelity in portraying women in combat and the intricate challenges they confront, Bauer embarked on an exhaustive research journey. Collaborating with veterans, conducting extensive interviews, and immersing herself in military culture, she meticulously crafted the narrative of ‘The Risk Rule’ to resonate with the real-life struggles and triumphs of women in the armed forces. “I did quite a bit of research…read a lot of articles about specific women in the US military, watched news interviews, and spoke to men about their perspective on women in combat,” Bauer remarks, underscoring her commitment to portraying a nuanced and accurate depiction of female soldiers’ experiences.

Central to ‘The Risk Rule’ are its compelling characters, particularly the female protagonists, General Kent and Mel Collins. These multidimensional figures navigate the complexities of military hierarchy, corruption, and gender biases, serving as poignant reflections of real women’s experiences in the armed forces. “I think we built two strong lead female characters…For me, this served as a clear example of real women’s experiences in the military,” Bauer explains, emphasizing her dedication to challenging

With ‘The Risk Rule,’ Bauer aspires to ignite critical conversations about gender equality in the military and inspire audiences to advocate for tangible change. Through its thought-provoking narrative and nuanced exploration of systemic discrimination, the film endeavors to foster a greater understanding of the challenges faced by female soldiers and the imperative need for societal transformation. “The message that I hope to bring and inspire among audiences is multi-factorial – change and cultural shifts, they don’t happen overnight,” Bauer reflects, underscoring her commitment to effecting meaningful societal change through her art.

Navigating the complexities and sensitivities inherent in addressing deeply ingrained gender biases and institutionalized discrimination posed significant challenges for Bauer in bringing ‘The Risk Rule’ to fruition. Despite the potential for controversy and pushback, she remained steadfast in her commitment to telling an honest and impactful story. “Controversy and pushback come with the territory…There is no change without controversy and debate,” Bauer affirms, highlighting the necessity of confronting societal norms and effecting meaningful change through open dialogue and storytelling.

The ensemble cast includes Travis Land, Daniel M Greer, Ryan Archuleta, Fahim Fazil, Kourosh Parsapour, Louise Latham, and Merrick McCartha, bringing an unparalleled depth to this compelling story. Behind the scenes, the film was directed by George Jac, and benefited from the expertise of Director of Photography David M Parks, 2nd Unit Director/Gun Coordinator/Military Advisor Kevin Kent, and Cultural Advisor Fahim Fazli, ensuring authenticity and gripping realism.

As ‘The Risk Rule’ prepares to captivate audiences at the NoHo CineFest’s Mini CineFest, Bauer’s profound exploration of women’s exclusion from combat roles promises to resonate deeply with viewers, sparking vital conversations and inspiring collective action toward a more equitable and inclusive society.

Movie Premier Details:

Film: The Risk Rule

Date: April 11, 2024

Time: Red Carpet Premiere at 6:30pm, with screening at 7:30pm

Location: LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Glendale

Ticket Link: https://mini.ticketbud.com/the-risk-rule

NoHo CineFest Film Festival – Mini CineFest: https://www.nohocinefest.com/minicinefest

For more information about ‘The Risk Rule’ and Lee Anne Bauer, please contact [email protected].


About Lee Anne Bauer:

Lee Anne Bauer is a distinguished filmmaker renowned for her thought-provoking narratives and commitment to social issues. With a diverse background in mechanical engineering and military contracting, Bauer brings a unique perspective to her storytelling, delving into themes of gender, identity, and power dynamics.

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