Landmark Lawsuit Challenges Protections for COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturers, Demands Justice for Injured Americans

React19 is a science-based patient advocacy organization dedicated to supporting people who have suffered Covid vaccine adverse events.

Joel Wallskog presents patient-led research findings.

Joel Wallskog, MD, presents React19’s patient led research results in Dallas, Texas.

Federal Lawsuit Highlights Plight of Individuals Denied Constitutional Rights, Demands Access to Fair Judicial Process Amidst Rising Vaccine Hesitancy.

The 5th and 7th Amendments to our Constitution protect our rights to due process and a jury trial. The CICP is a dismal failure to any injured American and robs us of these Constitutional rights.”

— Dr. Joel Wallskog

DALLAS/FT WORTH, TX, USA, April 30, 2024 / — Dr. Joel Wallskog, successful orthopedic surgeon injured after his Moderna vaccine, a groundbreaking lawsuit to challenge the legal immunities safeguarding COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers. Filed by Siri & Glimstad, L.L.P., this historic legal action seeks to restore the rights of vaccine-injured Americans, invoking constitutional protections and demanding access to a fair judicial process.

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday, April 18th, in a Texas federal court, highlights the plight of ordinary Americans who have suffered devastating injuries following COVID-19 vaccination. Dr. Wallskog is joined by a diverse group of individuals, including Harvard Professor Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD, young mother Jessica Smith, and Theodore Cabaniss, father of a vaccine-injured 10-year-old.

The lawsuit contends that the current legal framework, including the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act of 2005 (PREP Act), strips vaccine-injured individuals of their constitutional rights, compelling them into the opaque and inaccessible realm of the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). With a staggering 98% denial rate, the CICP operates as a bureaucratic labyrinth, denying justice to those in need.

Jessica Smith, one of the plaintiffs, has experienced firsthand the anguish of navigating the CICP’s labyrinthine process. Despite being diagnosed as vaccine-injured, she has languished in limbo for two years without any response from the program. As a young mother, Jessica’s life has been upended by severe dysautonomia and tinnitus, leaving her unable to work full-time and burdened with overwhelming medical expenses.

Similarly, Dr. Wallskog, MD, facing transverse myelitis post-vaccination, has been met with a sharp rebuke via a denial by the CICP and delay in his pursuit of justice. His once-thriving orthopedic surgery practice has been halted. He is now the co-founder of React19, the world’s largest patient advocacy organization advocating for COVID vaccine injured Americans.

Theodore Cabaniss’s son, T.C., was a vibrant and accomplished 10-year-old before experiencing debilitating injuries post-vaccination. T.C. has been diagnosed with a permanent blood disorder requiring intensive and expensive treatments. Despite submitting a request for benefits to CICP over 18 months ago, the family has yet to receive any response, leaving them in a state of uncertainty and substantial financial strain.

Harvard Professor Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD, a pediatric neurologist, has seen her ability to treat young patients compromised by a COVID-19 vaccine-related shoulder injury and psoriasis with arthropathy, resulting in persistent pain. Her passion for her work has been dampened by her own physical suffering, highlighting the profound impact of vaccine injury on healthcare professionals.

This landmark lawsuit underscores the urgent need to uphold constitutional rights and ensure accountability in the face of a public health crisis. To address the escalating vaccine hesitancy, it’s crucial for the government to establish and maintain a robust safety net, providing support for individuals facing rare but [real and] serious adverse events following vaccination. The fundamental question arises: Is a program without any legal representation allowed, in a system devoid of transparency or judicial process, with a 98% rejection rate, truly a reasonable alternative to an American’s right to sue?


Case Number and Court of Record:

Case 4:24-cv-00334-P





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