Historic Low Turnout Anticipated in California’s Mega-Millions U.S. Senate Primary

The most expensive Primary Election in history is also expected to have historically low turnout.

SANTA ROSA, CA, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an unprecedented turn of events, California’s upcoming U.S. Senate Primary on March 5th is poised to break records, not only as the most expensive Senate race in history but also as a historically low-turnout election. The seat, left without an incumbent by the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein, has drawn an astounding 27 candidates vying for the opportunity to represent California.

Paul Mitchell, an expert from Political Data Inc., sheds light on the unique dynamics of this election cycle: “This is a low-interest, low-turnout kind of election cycle. That generally creates an electorate that is older, more conservative, and predominantly white.” His insights underscore the critical importance of voter engagement and participation.

Leading the pack among Democratic contenders is Adam Schiff, who recently expressed concern “for the sake of our democracy” regarding the anticipated low turnout. Schiff’s campaign has been relentless, reaching out to potential supporters through a massive outreach effort that includes 3 million text messages and over 50,000 phone calls.

As of Wednesday, Schiff’s ad expenditures have reached a staggering $28.2 million, with Katie Porter trailing at $14.6 million. Barbara Lee’s campaign has secured $1.3 million in ad buys according to Media tracking firm AdImpact.

Porter has warned that ”billionaires, establishment politicians and corporate special interests are trying to buy this race, and it looks like their plan might work.”

John Rose, a political artist running in the race to promote campaign finance reform said the poor media coverage makes the lack of enthusiasm inevitable. “The media,” Rose contends, “has promoted the millionaire candidates since day one. They have never asked the leading Democratic candidates from the House about their co-signing of the We The People Amendment which would allow campaign finance reform. Instead of asking if the candidates still support constitutional change, they focus on their ad budgets.”

Rose’s political art focuses on non-partisan patriotism and the preservation of America’s democratic ideals. His “Stars and Stripes Forever” sticker is a star-spangled infinity symbol meant to evoke Sousa’s National March “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” and Lincoln’s “Perpetuation of our Political Institutions” speech. Rose feels voting is a patriotic act and supports a national holiday for Election Day.

As the March 5th Primary approaches, Californians are urged to exercise their democratic right and learn more about the diverse field of candidates. The future of the Golden State lies in their hands, and every vote counts.


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