Gov. Justice breaks ground on new consolidated laboratories facility at West Virginia Regional Technology Park

The Department of Administration will operate the facility in cooperation with all of these tenants and the tech park.

The selection of the West Virginia Regional Technology Park as the location for the new facility is a strategic decision that harnesses the existing innovation and economic potential of the area. With over 28 thriving STEM-based businesses already established within the park, it serves as a natural hub for cutting-edge research and development.

About the West Virginia Regional Technology Park 
The West Virginia Regional Technology Park, located in South Charleston, WV is a prominent hub for innovation, science and technology in the state. Originally established as a research and development site for the chemical industry, the park has since evolved into a multi-tenant campus fostering cutting-edge technologies across various fields.

Home to over 28 businesses and 1,000 jobs, the park is driven by a mission to grow West Virginia’s economy by nurturing research, innovation, technological advancement, and education. It aims to attract talent, foster job creation, and bolster economic growth by supporting STEM-related industries and initiatives.

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