Elon Musk’s Comments on US Constitution: Late Justice Scalia

(Part 2/3, Part 3 published 06/29) Mr. Musk: US Constitution Protects Individuals from the Government; Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

TORRANCE, CA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to Tara Chand, Founder & CEO of IPG Inc., a boutique innovation enterprise, “Elon Musk made a recent statement that the US Constitution protects an individual against the government. That is indeed a true statement and the US constitution’s sole purpose, as enacted by the framers from the 13 colonies who had rebelled against the Monarch of England, is to protect an individual against the tyranny of government in two different ways.”

Mr. Chand continued, “one of these ways provides for three independent branches of the US Government, a legislative branch, an executive branch, and judicial branch, as a form of checks and balances on the powers of the executive branch and each other, and the other of these ways is the subsequent enactment of amendments to the US Constitution that serve to protect, safeguard, and preserve the fundamental rights and civil liberties of an individual.”

“However, that seminal purpose enshrined in the US Constitution to fundamentally preserve and protect individual liberties has since been corrupted in many ways by the government itself, rendering these founding principles contained in the US Constitution largely useless and ineffective, and no longer serves to protect these individual liberties and enshrined freedoms, and is merely paid lip service to and thus a mere facade.”

“That is exactly also the sentiment expressed by none other than late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in an address to the nation, titled “Role of Judges Under US Constitution”, dated October 05, 2011 via C-SAPN 3.”

“Justice Scalia noted, regarding marvelous provisions of the Bill of Rights, every banana republic has a Bill of Rights. All evil empires have Bill of Rights. Their Bill of Rights was much better than ours. Framers of the US Constitution, while debating and discussing Bill of Rights, referred to the Russian Bill of Rights, as words on paper or parchment guarantee that did not prevent centralization of power in one person or one government. Real key to the structure of our government is the independence of the judiciary and Separation of Powers.”

Chand continued, “I would disagree with even Justice Scalia, because these so called three independent branches of US Government under Article I, II and III under the US Constitution, themselves have been corrupted by the political warfare of Democrats and Republicans for the reasons as detailed herein.”

Chand notes, “this is the second of three separate press releases on this subject, with the goal of educating & informing the US public through ten different examples of this Constitutional facade, which I’ve cited herein, to illustrate how not only are our individual freedoms no longer being protected, but instead, are now being compromised & purloined by our government in multiple nefarious ways and reveals the full breadth & scope of this facade.”

“The fourth example is that State constitutions for the most part mirror the US Constitution. A recent example of this principle, and widely reported in the news, concerns that if a US citizen allegedly commits a single book-keeping crime against the State, State prosecutors have the latitude to charge the citizen with 34 separate felony crimes. This implies that US District Attorneys are slaves to the political party they belong to, and in-fact are not independent in the role they play as elected officers of the court, and in-fact, employees of the executive branch.”

“The fifth example is that the wise people from the original 13 colonies who drafted the US Constitution, knew full well that humans can and will do evil. For this reason, they laid down strict rules for the electoral process, however, all these fundamental principles of our Democracy are now broken in every election cycle by each political party, which was fully illustrated in the recent 2020 election via mail-in ballots.”

“The sixth example is that the agencies of the US Executive branch now function like a mafia organization, and their only overriding interest serves to preserve their own party’s political interests, while harassing innocent citizens and stealing their basic inalienable rights enshrined in the US Constitution.”

“The seventh example is that in a dispute between a citizen and the US government, the Judiciary, without exception, as a constitutionally independent third-branch of the US Government, always favors the government first & foremost, and thus serves to protect the Executive branch, as these judges were once employees of the Executive branch.”

“The eighth example is today’s US Congress, which have now become slaves and servants of lobbyists and their large money donors, and in their interest, will not hesitate to serve their deep pocketed interests, regardless of how evil their intentions may be; there only interest is to protect themselves, and raise money for re-election by any means necessary, at the expense of protecting the rights of the US citizens who elected them to office.”

“The ninth example is that the US media is supposed to remain independent in ferreting out government misdeeds, but in practice, they are and have become nothing more than the slaves & agents of the political administration in power, tasked with misleading the US public and hiding real facts from them.”

“The tenth example is that large corporations, combined with Executive branch agencies, work in collusion to not only cheat, but steal the rights & freedoms from individual US citizens; you can contact me to learn more about these factual stories.”

Mr. Chand concluded, “that is why the Constitutional Framers’ founding principle ensured the protection of our inalienable rights & freedoms as US citizens, including our fundamental right to rebel against perceived government tyranny, not only by peaceful protests, but if necessary, via the Second Amendment, enable the right to bear arms in citizen rebellion as part of a well-regulated militia.”

Tara Chand is the Founder & CEO of Internet Promise Group® Inc., a boutique innovation enterprise. www.InternetPromiseGroup.com

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Elon Musk’s Comments on US Constitution: Late Justice Scalia

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