Don’t Cry Wolf: Global Response To The Reports Of Wolf Abuse in Wyoming

‘Hope’ the wolf with Cody Roberts in Daniel, Wyoming

‘Hope’ the wolf, wincing from pain

Hogs For Hope Motorcycle Rally Schedule

Expert and eyewitness accounts of the February 29th Wyoming wolf incident that has triggered global unity and activism.

This is a grave case of anima vruelty that cannot be overlooked.”

— Lori Wynn, CEO, Guardians of Wolves

COLDEN, NY, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2024 / — According to Cowboy State Daily (CSD) and reports filed by Wyoming Game and Fish (WGF) , on February 29, 2024 a young female wolf was intentionally run down with a snowmobile driven by Cody Roberts near the town of Daniel, Wyoming. News and video from The Green River Bar (GRB) patrons, indicate the severely injured wolf was taken first to Roberts’ home and then to the local bar/restaurant. When the wolf arrived at the (GRB) her muzzle was taped and she was wearing a collar, the animal was filmed and tormented while it left clots of blood on the floor around it. As she became weaker the tape was replaced with a muzzle and finally that was removed. The last of the videos show Roberts lifting her head and neck from the floor so that he can be attempt to kiss her. Injured, in pain and weak, the wolf whimpered from the pain of being moved but still managed to curl a lip as a final show of defiance at the indignity forced on her. Roberts then took her out behind the bar and shot her.

It is legal to run down a wolf with a snowmobile. The global community of animal rights activists and advocates calls for change- immediate change!

The wolf, estimated to be a 9 month old pup, was given the name Hope by followers of this story and has generated support in many unlikely places.

Lori Wynn, CEO of Guardians of the Wolves, condemned the incident, stating, “Ethical hunters hunt to eat, not to make animals suffer. This is a grave case of animal cruelty that cannot be overlooked. The significance of this incident extends beyond the tragic fate of a single wolf pup. It serves as a stark reminder of humanity’s moral obligation to protect and preserve our planet’s diverse ecosystems. By standing up against cruelty and advocating for stricter laws, we can ensure that such senseless acts are never repeated.”

“The torture and killing of the young wolf by Cody Roberts is emblematic of the plight of American wolves, especially those in the states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana,” said advocate and educator Scott Beckstead. “Those states have demonstrated through their brutal policies that they cannot be trusted to responsibly manage wolves, and that the federal government must move quickly to prevent their extermination by relisting them under the Endangered Species Act.”

Oliver Starr, Executive Director of The Tahoe Wolf Center and a recognized wolf expert, stated, “Wolves are timid and reclusive creatures that will do anything to avoid contact with humans. The terror and suffering this juvenile wolf experienced at the hands of her abuser, Cody Roberts, is indescribable. Roberts maimed, tortured, and killed a puppy. In what civilized country is the torture and killing of a baby appropriate behavior?”

Wyoming resident, Paul Mueller, weighed in, “People want Cody Roberts held accountable for more than a $250 fine. They want him to face animal cruelty charges. Will that happen? In one committee meeting most spoke about not having knee-jerk reactions, waiting for dust to settle then resuming talks at the meeting July. Meantime, the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office and County Attorney are investigating. They are awaiting evidence they need to move the case forward.”

Gathering evidence may be problematical. An eyewitness to the February 29 events in GRB reported to WyoFile and WGF. In the article by Mike Koshmrl, the witness stated their wish to remain anonymous to protect their safety, recalling that about half the people in the bar were Roberts’ relatives.

On March 4, Roberts and his attorney met with wardens Adam Hymas and Bubba Haley. It is public record that Roberts admitted possessing the live wolf at both his home and GRB.

In two short video clips taken at GRB the wolf is wearing what appears to be a red commercial tracking and shock collar which Roberts admitted putting on the pup.

Roberts’ only consequence was a $250 fine for illegal possession of wildlife. After global pressure, the Sublette County Sheriff’s office launched an investigation.

“He’s been going around town telling people it was worth it,” the eyewitness stated, noting that Roberts said, “$250? That’s a round for the bar.”

Cali O’Hare, editor and reporter of the weekly Sublette County newspaper– The Pinedale Roundup, was quoted saying the following in a Wyoming Public Media interview:

“Sublette County, population 8,728, is a tight-knit community, and everyone knows everyone. Some are pretty protective of the Roberts – a multi-generational family here. My partner of 11 years grew up with Cody Roberts,” O’Hare said.

Notably, Roberts is employed by WGF and the DOT which sustain him as a contract employee. He earned more than $120,000 in the past year and was even paid for a contract after he was fined for the incident, according to Project Coyote, published by CSD.

The above evidence indicates the potential conflict of interest that lead to this request: “The wolf and equine advocacy communities are imploring Wyoming Attorney General, Bridget Hill, to open a full investigation”, according to Britta Starke, legislative liaison for Advocates for Wild Equines, National Grassroots Lobbying Coalition.

In outraged response, Jonas Black, Texas based Harley-Davidson biker has organized The Hogs For Hope Motorcycle Rally, raised over $85k, with his parents driving support, is scheduled to arrive at GRB parking lot on May 26 to present all funds to: Wyoming Wildlife Advocates and Wolves Of The Rockies, with the expectation that lobbyists can be hired to move toward law changes.

In a recent video, Black responded to Robert’s smug reply that the fine was no more than a ‘round at the bar’, stating, “Wonderful, great, It is time for change. I do not think he understands that when he dragged Hope by her neck into that bar that he was dragging an entire movement with him. Congratulations, Mr. Roberts, you sparked a fire that will not be put out.”

It is, indeed, time for change.

Barbara C. Moore
Britta Hesla and Barbara Moore
[email protected]

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