Award-Winning Artist Tomer Peretz Pulls Off Unexpected ‘Live Art’ Flash Mob at Art Basel in Miami, FL

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When the music stopped, we transformed the convention itself into a powerful statement on the lives lost… we turned the narrative and made Art Basel the canvas for our message.”

— Tomer Peretz

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2023 / — Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the country’s most comprehensive international contemporary art fairs, and one exhibit in particular was anything but ordinary earlier this month, leaving many onlookers attending both stunned and overcome with emotion. Globally-acclaimed conceptual artist and painter Tomer Peretz adapted the gallery itself as his blank canvas for one of the most shocking, peaceful, and captivating ‘Live Art’ Flash Mob exhibits that echoed messages of hope, love, and unity.

This massive effort of planning, preparation, and dedicated volunteers were met with pushback but managed to pull it off regardless. Peretz masterfully succeeded in turning life into art and inspiration with this unexpected and unique portrayal of ‘Live Art’ #WhenTheMusicStopped.


There’s no doubt that the October 7th massacre in Israel left an indelible mark on the world. Peretz was among the volunteers with Zaka, Israel’s rescue and recovery organization, who helped to clear out the bodies of the deceased. This Live Art Flash Mob was conceptualized as an artistic and peaceful expression to honor the lives lost as conveyed by their powerful #WhenTheMusicStopped message.

“Art Basel people did everything they could to stop it. The police detained and canceled all the 300 tickets we purchased for our community of volunteers in Miami. But we made it by letting 50 volunteers go in and pull it off,” Peretz explains. “Security shut off the entrance to Basel for a bit and didn’t let our people out, but after they realized that they were all peaceful, they let them go out. It was the first time in Art Basel that we did this project in a different form.”

Footage of the volunteers singing together in a circle and swaying evoked happiness and unity before it abruptly stopped and ended with the volunteers falling to the ground. The team’s collective effort to raise awareness around the world for the hostages remaining and the memory of those fallen was evident far beyond the walls of the Convention Center.

“Turning the unexpected into art at Art Basel Miami. When the music stopped, we transformed the convention itself into a powerful statement on the lives lost. Security may have been tipped off, but we turned the narrative and made Art Basel the canvas for our message. #WhenTheMusicStopped #ArtBaselMiami.” – Peretz


Peretz is bold and limitless when it comes to his conceptual art. Texturally, he applies contemporary expression to a variety of tactile artistry to convey his point of view, from oil and acrylic to photography and live experiential realism. His work is layered with meaning and conversation and is based on his experience, embodiment, and spirit throughout each project and philanthropic beliefs. Some of his most notable work has been showcased in galleries throughout Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Israel, and throughout Europe, and is currently available in Fabbrica Eos Milano (Milan, Italy) and Maragoni Institute Miami (Miami, Florida).

“My style has always been underground and loved it. I don’t like the mainstream, even though I’m probably going to be there soon. I’m dark, but there is a lot of hope in my work and just want people to feel through my art. I’m not a ‘typical artist’ kind of a guy. I don’t think about aesthetics too much, I care more about the subject-matter and the story.” – Peretz


In fact, beyond art exhibits, Peretz is heralded for his iconic collaboration with legends in the entertainment industry, including: Val Kilmer, Jonathan Davis (Korn), Gene Simmons (KISS), Ziv Koren (photographer), Karim Rashid (designer), Tsahi Halevi (Israeli actor), Ninet Tayeb (musician), Alon Abutbul (Israeli actor in Hollywood), Itzik Cohen (Israeli actor), Alejandro Edda (narcos), Dots To Lines (tattoo artist), Noa Kirel (Israeli musician), Rami Fortis (Israeli singer), and more.

Peretz continues to be applauded for his incredible skill to not only capture realism and surrealism in his artwork, but take a step further and convey deep messages with meaning. Perhaps that’s why he continues to be applauded with the Arthur Szyk Prize for ‘Disruptive Thought,’ at the Bruce Lurie Gallery (Culver City, CA), ‘It’s Halloween at Very Venice Art and Design Gallery’ (Oct. 2011), ‘For the Love of Art’ at Tokyo Ice (Dec. 2009), ‘Amit Apel Design Studio Gallery Opening’ in Los Angeles (May 2009), Beit Haitonaim Benefit Partnership for Children with Cancer (proceeds donated to the charity), and more.


Capturing emotion and awareness through art is the driving force behind Peretz’s work that has also fueled the launch of the Peretz Foundation, dedicated to providing art therapy for those suffering from trauma and post-trauma.

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