Aroscop Empowers Political Campaigns with Hyperlocal Targeting and Deep Voter Insights

Aroscop Empowers Political Campaigns with Hyperlocal Targeting and Deep Voter Insights

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, July 1, 2024 / — Aroscop, a leading provider of hyperlocal advertising and consumer insight generation, today shed light on critical trends impacting the upcoming US elections based on a recent survey of 1,300+ voters across 10 key swing states.

The Aroscop survey revealed a concerning disconnect between voters and campaigns, with a significant portion of respondents expressing dissatisfaction with current political messaging and a low propensity to be swayed by traditional campaign tactics.

“In today’s hyper-polarized political landscape, reaching voters with the right message at the right time is more important than ever,” says Kumar Ramamurthy, CMO – Aroscop. “Aroscop’s hyperlocal targeting capabilities and deep voter insights empower campaigns to craft targeted messaging that resonates with voters on a community level, bridging the gap between campaigns and constituents.”

Key Challenges Highlighted in Aroscop’s Swing State Voter Survey:

1) Dissatisfaction with Current Messaging: Many respondents indicated they are not planning to vote, highlighting a need for more effective campaign communication.

2) Limited Impact of Traditional Tactics: Debates and endorsements hold little sway over voters’ decisions, requiring campaigns to move beyond these conventional strategies.

3) Resource Allocation Challenges: Voters’ dissatisfaction with healthcare emerged as a top concern, requiring campaigns to strategically allocate resources to address these specific issues.

How Aroscop Can Help Political Campaigns:

Aroscop’s hyperlocal advertising solutions and voter insights platform offer a powerful toolkit for political campaigns to:

Target Voters with Laser Precision: Go beyond demographics and target voters based on their specific interests, concerns, and media consumption habits.

Craft Compelling Local Messages: Develop messaging that resonates with voters on a community level, addressing the issues that matter most in their neighborhoods.

Optimize Resource Allocation: Identify areas with high voter dissatisfaction and allocate resources effectively to address those concerns.

Measure Campaign Effectiveness: Gain real-time insights into campaign performance and voter sentiment, allowing for continuous improvement and adaptation.

Aroscop is offering a free consultation to political consultants and campaign managers seeking to leverage hyperlocal targeting and deep voter insights for the upcoming elections. Contact Aroscop today to learn more.

About Aroscop

Aroscop is a data-driven advertising and insights company that empowers businesses and organizations to target audiences with unmatched precision. Aroscop’s proprietary platform leverages advanced data science and machine learning to unlock deep customer insights and deliver impactful advertising campaigns.

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