Transform Buildings with Custom Murals from Louisiana Graphics

The focus is on transforming spaces with art that tells a story, evokes emotion, or simply adds a touch of beauty.”

— Jason Kingston

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2024 / — In the heart of a city renowned for its vibrant art scene and cultural depth, Louisiana Graphics stands out as a beacon for innovative design solutions. The company has announced its latest offering, a comprehensive service for designing, printing, and installing custom murals, aimed at transforming any space into a visual masterpiece.

Louisiana Graphics specializes in bringing personal or custom designs to life through the application of high-quality vinyl film, which can be adjusted to fit any size requirement. This versatility ensures that every mural is a perfect fit for the intended space, whether it’s a small office or a large commercial building. The company’s use of cutting-edge technology and materials, including transparent vinyl film options, adds an innovative layer to the traditional mural. These transparent options not only beautify spaces but also offer a stylish way to filter sunlight, enhancing both the aesthetic and functionality of windows and glass partitions.

Jason Kingston, the owner of Louisiana Graphics, emphasizes the meticulous approach and commitment to quality that sets the company apart. “The focus is on transforming spaces with art that tells a story, evokes emotion, or simply adds a touch of beauty. The murals we create are not just decorations; they are statements. With the capability to scale any photography or custom design to fit perfectly in the desired space, our clients have the unique opportunity to personalize their environments in ways they’ve never imagined.”

The installation process at Louisiana Graphics adheres to the highest industry standards, thanks to their team of 3M Preferred Installers. This distinction is not just a title; it signifies a guarantee of excellence. “Our installers are experts in their field, ensuring that every mural is not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting. Whether the mural is placed on the floor, walls, or windows, our team applies precision and care to guarantee maximum durability and longevity,” Kingston adds.

Louisiana Graphics’ mural service is not limited by location or application. From corporate offices looking to inspire their workforce, to retail spaces aiming to attract customers with eye-catching designs, and even private homes seeking a unique personal touch, Louisiana Graphics offers solutions that meet a wide array of needs and preferences.

The company’s commitment to customization and quality extends to the initial design process. Clients are encouraged to bring their visions to the table, where the Louisiana Graphics team works collaboratively to refine and realize these ideas. The possibilities are endless, from serene landscapes and abstract art to personalized photographs and branding elements. This collaborative approach ensures that the final product not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

In addition to enhancing aesthetics, murals have the power to transform the ambiance of a space, contributing to a positive and engaging environment. Businesses and homeowners alike are recognizing the value of integrating art into their spaces, not just for the visual appeal but also for the potential to inspire creativity and well-being among occupants.

Jason Kingston reflects on the impact of their work, “Seeing the transformation of a space and the joy it brings to our clients is immensely rewarding. It’s about more than just making a space look good; it’s about creating an environment that people feel connected to and inspired by. That’s the power of art, and we are proud to be a conduit for that in the spaces we touch.”

As Louisiana Graphics continues to push the boundaries of design and installation, their mural service represents a blend of artistry, technology, and craftsmanship. This combination ensures that each project is not only a reflection of the client’s vision but also a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence.

For those interested in exploring the possibilities of custom murals for their spaces, Louisiana Graphics invites inquiries and consultations. The team is ready to guide clients through the process, from concept to installation, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

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