During the 2-day summit, the world’s top doctors, nutritionists, coaches and experts to learn how to live longer – better

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, US, January 18, 2024 / — Everyone can now register now for Livelong Summit, the only regional event on the habits, studies, and technologies at the forefront of lifespan science. Most exclusive conferences of this caliber are for medical professionals only. Livelong Summit welcomes people passionate about optimizing their health, aging well and longevity. The lineup of 50 speakers, exhibitors and celebrities inspires and educates guests on what it really takes to live longer, live better.

“The Livelong Summit is an extraordinary, and necessary, opportunity for attendees to understand trade secrets of lifespan science. It’s taken years to create this event, and we’re proud to offer a dream team of scientific experts to break down and demystify trailblazing concepts around age reversal, health, and longevity. With one ticket and two days, you can change your life and your health for the better,” said Livelong Summit founder, journalist and publisher Brad Inman.

The exclusive event happens March 15 & 16, 2024 at the Palm Beach Convention Center and requires advance tickets. Guests range from the curious looking to learn about the latest research to health practitioners, or nutrition conscious people to investors and entrepreneurs interested in longevity technology, innovation and business. Over two days, guests will have access to:

· Hear from forward-thinking scientists, researchers, and clinicians

· Connect with leading-edge doctors and technology pioneers

· Decode intricate scientific and medical concepts so that they are easy to practice and implement to daily lifestyles

· Learn practical steps to enhance their well-being

The two day agenda of highly curated talks and events include: “Can We Slow and Reverse Aging?” by renowned longevity expert Dr. David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School; “Young Forever: Secrets to living your longest, healthiest life,” with Dr. Mark Hyman, Founder, The UltraWellness Center; and “Fired Up About Female Longevity,” about boosting women’s health and slowing menopause with Dr. Daisy Robinton, Founder of Oviva Therapeutics.

To get tickets to the Livelong Summit and learn more about the exclusive Palm Beach event, its speakers and full agenda, visit and follow @livelongsummit on Instagram, X and Facebook.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For more information about Live Long Summit and to arrange to speak with a company spokesperson, please contact Nancy Trent or Pamela Wadler at 212-966-0024 or [email protected].

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