Smyle Introduces Toothpaste Without the Use of Plastic Tubes and Microplastics

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 22, 2024 / — Smyle is pleased to announce its entry into the UK market, bringing a wave of sustainability, innovation, and a commitment to oral health. Backed by the endorsement of over 1,300 dentists and with a robust presence across 3,500 retailers in the Netherlands, the dental company is on a mission to replace the 20 billion plastic toothpaste tubes that humans use per year. With the largest sustainable product range in oral care, Smyle offers an eco-conscious alternative to traditional oral hygiene products, including toothpaste tablets designed to replace traditional toothpaste tubes – with most offerings delivered straight through the mail.

“It’s strange that we brush our teeth clean for decades but leave the environment with plastic rubbish, that had to stop,” says Almar Fernhout, Founder of the company. “That’s why we started Smyle – we care about your teeth a ‘Smyle,’ and also about the environment.”

Echoing this sentiment, what truly sets Smyle apart from other dental care brands, is its commitment to creating products without harmful plastics, SLS, plasticizers, and dyes. As such, this makes Smyle one of the the first dental care companies in the UK to offer a completely microplastic-free option for consumers. These harmful contaminants have become a major environmental concern in recent years and are often found in personal care products, including toothpaste, and can end up in oceans and waterways, causing harm to marine life.

“The fight against microplastics requires innovative solutions and awareness,” Fernhout states. “Alas, to address the critical issue of microplastics, we developed innovative toothpaste tablets, free of plastic packaging and made with natural and organic ingredients, which help to prevent cavities and promote healthy teeth and gums. The tablets come in a convenient, travel-friendly packaging, making them a perfect choice for those on-the-go. Simply pop a tablet in your mouth, chew, and brush as usual. Not only are these tablets better for the environment, but they also provide a refreshing and effective clean for your teeth.”

With major UK retailers already interested in Smyle’s toothpaste tablets, the company’s expansion is not just a business move; it’s a step towards a greener, healthier world. The launch of a UK-dedicated website further cements Smyle’s commitment to the British market, providing easy access to its innovative products. To date, Smyle has saved 4.2 million brushes, tubes, and plastic packaging from entering landfills and is aiming to increase this number well into the future.

For more information about Smyle and its toothpaste tablets, visit Members of the press are also invited to request free sample products.

About Smyle

Founded in the Netherlands, Smyle is at the forefront of sustainable oral care. With a mission to reduce plastic waste and provide eco-friendly alternatives, Smyle has quickly established itself as a leader in green dental care. Its innovative approach and commitment to quality have earned the trust of thousands of customers and dental professionals alike.

Almar Fernhout, Founder
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