RMI: Harnessing The Transformative Power Of Stem Cell Therapies And Scientific Innovation

Understanding and treating cellular aging in stem cells is key to addressing age-related diseases. But before the secrets are revealed, first comes education.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pioneers of the medicine of tomorrow, RMI – out of San José, Costa Rica, is the only institute treating the cellular aging process.

The exclusive, fully licenced, cutting-edge stem cell clinic and research laboratory is providing the world’s most advanced cellular therapies for healthy aging, longevity, orthopedics, and disease through their proprietary longevity programs.

With the paradigm being well-and-truly shifted in reverse aging, RMI have developed solutions utilizing the latest technological advancements in epigenetics, cellular therapy, and molecular medicine. With these treatments not available in traditional healthcare systems – COO of RMI Dana Herrera emphasizes that their focus is on longevity and enhancing quality of life. “We help to alleviate chronic pain – such as joint pain, orthopedic inflammation, decreased levels of energy, along with brain fog,” she says. “We’re not a disease-focused company.”

Founded in 2021 and licenced by the Minister of Health in Costa Rica, the aim of RMI is to ensure people have access to therapies that provide a light that improves health and quality of life. With an expert team consisting of Lab Consultant, Natalia Jiménez and 12 staff physicians, multiple specialists and consultants in areas such as neurology, cardiology, urology, and gynecology, RMI are not only well-rounded with regards to clinical experience, but also able to contribute to the safety and efficacy with pertaining to the production of stem cell therapies.

“Natalia {Jiménez} has been doing this clinically in this space for 15 years,” shares Herrera. “She’s the Tom Brady of stem cells. A microbiologist, she – and her team with over 15 years experience, are incredible at creating the most viable and effective stem cell lines.”

Along with a 7,000 sq ft ISO-7 certified laboratory built by a team of scientists possessing extensive knowledge and experience in cell manufacturing and processing, RMI are in the process of implementing a female sexual wellness program called ‘Harmony’ and a male sexual program called ‘Enhance,’ working alongside renowned OB-GYN’s, Urologists and Neurologists as they continue to innovate.

‘Harmony’ is a breakthrough treatment developed to prevent and address the signs of aging in the vaginal and vulvar areas, improving cosmetic appearance, performance, and, most important, sexual satisfaction. Meanwhile, ‘Enhance’ uses a powerful combination of stem cell injections, shockwave therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to combat erectile dysfunction, with the potential to rejuvenate tissues, boost blood flow, and enhance nerve function in the penile region.

“RMI is on the forefront of research,” Herrera points out. “We want to continue to innovate and bring out new protocols, offering precision and functional medicine.”

With their ability to educate and shift the paradigm of how people think about aging and how people view quality of life to enhance their quality of life, RMI has achieved accelerated growth in a short period of time, and revolutionized the holistic medicine industry. “We’re in the business of slowing down and reversing the aging process at the root level, which is the cellular level,” says Herrera. “The goal is to deliver quality of life to every individual for as long as humanly possible so they live the life they choose to live.”


With their three core pillars – Preventative & Proactive, Precision-based, and Personalized, RMI are currently treating upwards of 70-75 patients a month. The only institute treating the cellular aging process, RMI are providing cutting-edge, scientifically-supported health solutions tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client that slow, and in some cases, reverse the aging process.

For more information, visit their website.

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