Rides for Refugees Puts Refugees on Road to Self-Reliance

Rides for Refugees president and founder Jacqui Olkin stands by while car recipient Mohamed (face blurred for privacy) prepares to drive

Car recipient Zed stands next to a gray sedan

Car recipient Zed (face blurred for privacy) stands proudly beside his new car

501c3 public charity provides used cars to low-income refugees across the United States, so they can get to work and become self-reliant.

Having this car, I can get more professional jobs.”

— Mohamed, car recipient

RESTON, VIRGINIA, USA, January 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rides for Refugees, a volunteer-led nonprofit based in Reston, Virginia, presented two Northern Virginia refugees with free cars this week, so they can get to work and become self-reliant.

Both car recipients are Afghans who received Special Immigration Visas from the U.S. government in recognition of their work supporting the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. Both lost their savings and property when they fled to safety during the collapse of the Afghan government.

Lack of practical and affordable transportation often limits employment opportunities for low-income refugees in the United States. A car can be the catalyst for gainful employment and financial independence. Rides for Refugees operates nationally, to help low-income refugees overcome transportation problems and become contributing members of their communities.

Car recipient Mohamed supported the U.S. mission in Afghanistan through military service and humanitarian work. Although he and his family lost their home and possessions when they fled Afghanistan, Mohamed and his wife, Freshta, consider their sacrifice worthwhile, because in the United States, their children, including their daughters, will have the right to be educated and make their own decisions as adults. Mohamed, who holds a law degree, is actively looking for a job that will allow him to help other people.

“Rides for Refugees has given me hope,” said Mohamed. “Not only for myself, but for all my family. Having this car, I can get more professional jobs.”

Car recipient Zed is a college graduate who worked with U.S. military and defense contracting personnel in Kabul, Afghanistan. He faced enormous difficulty during a long journey to the United States, arriving last summer. He is currently working part-time, taking classes, and interviewing for career-track positions. He was deeply grateful for the help of a car, which will allow him to look for professional jobs further from home. “This is a big moment for me,” he said.

About Rides for Refugees: Rides for Refugees is a volunteer-led, 501c3 public charity that provides used vehicles to low-income, legal refugees in the United States, helping them get to work and become self-reliant. Rides for Refugees accepts vehicle donations nationwide, as well as monetary donations. For more information or to donate, please visit www.ridesforrefugees.org or contact [email protected].


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