Rancocas Anesthesiology Shares Safety System for Pediatric Anesthesia

Dr. Michele Misher-Harris

Rancocas Anesthesiology Shares Safety System for Pediatric Anesthesia

VOORHEES, NJ, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Every year, medications for anesthesia are given to millions of children every year to ensure their health, safety, and comfort during surgery and other procedures for diagnosis or treatment. Anesthesiologists at Rancocas Anesthesiology have been dedicated to ensuring the relief of children and families’ pre-procedure stresses by providing a safety system and blankets of information to keep them wrapped in mutual understanding. The safety system at Rancocas Anesthesiology can be broken down into steps addressing the child’s mindset and overall expectations.

An important marker of conversation for pre-surgery is the comfort of the child. Cozy clothing, comfort toys, and extra sleepwear and diapers make for a smoother experience which meets the anticipated needs of a pediatric patient. For children it is vital to recognize, validate, and address their potential experiences, fears, and concerns. “I try to make eye contact with the patient as I’m introducing myself to the family and immediately involve the child in the conversation. Reassuring the child that it’s “ok” to be nervous or afraid, I explain what I will be doing and stress that I will do my best to make things less scary,” shares Michele Misher-Harris, MD, of Rancocas Anesthesiology.

On top of the mind for all parents is the overall process. The Rancocas Anesthesiology team shares that it is important for families to know that pediatric anesthesia can be safe for brief periods, and it is most unlikely to impact their behavior or learning, even in children less than 3 years old. Anesthetic and sedative medications even prove necessary for infants and children who require surgery or other painful or stressful procedures. Dr. Misher-Harris recognizes the magnitude of the situation and is sure to foster a team environment to unload any heavy emotions. “Inclusion is key; give the child a chance to participate and understand what they will be experiencing,” Dr. Misher-Harris declares. The Rancocas Anesthesiology team are prepared to walk in hand with pediatric patients and their families in and out of the surgery room.

About Rancocas Anesthesiology:

Celebrate the Power of Precision and Compassion. At Rancocas Anesthesiology, our team of board-certified anesthesiologists boasts extensive experience and training in administering regional anesthesia techniques, guided by state-of-the-art equipment and the latest advances in medical innovation. We work together with surgeons, fostering seamless teamwork to optimize the patient’s surgical journey. Experience the benefits of tailored pain relief and faster recovery. Trust in our mastery, as we pave the way for superior surgical outcomes and assure the highest level of care, one nerve at a time.



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