‘Learning to Love Lisa’ because 40 is the new 20

Learning to Love Lisa

A novel for women the world over. When you think life is over, it’s probably just beginning.

A novel for women the world over. When you think life is over, it’s just beginning.”

— Lisa Steingold

MADRID, SPAIN, July 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “Learning to Love Lisa” is the new novel that defies the outdated notion that a 40-something unmarried and childless woman is destined for loneliness.

“Learning to Love Lisa” follows the endearing journey of Lisa, a spirited and quirky blonde who finds herself at the proverbial crossroads in life. When Lisa realizes that the love of her life just isn’t on the same page, she decides to up and leave for a new country with just one suitcase and a bicycle. And zero knowledge sof the Spanish language past ‘un cafe por favor’. Absolutely heartbroken by the realization that the man she loves is not quite on the same page, she packs her bags and bicycle and heads for the hills. Quite literally.

Lisa is a woman stumbling through her forties in all her flaws and flailings. Moving (un)confidently from South Africa to Spain amidst a global pandemic, it all goes horribly wrong. So starts the story of the newly released novel which takes readers on an unforgettable adventure of self-discovery, romance, and the enchanting territory of Northern Spain. Unprepared for the adventure, it all goes horribly wrong as she loses her job and realizes that speaking Spanish is much more difficult than her app promised it would be.

Whilst she’d hoped to buy her dream motorbike and style her image to one a little younger, Lisa instead has to contend with her daily mistakes in Spanish, job hunting in a new country, and finding self-worth when it feels like all is lost. Her Spanish lessons with Alejandro, cycling adventures with her bunch of retired guys, and repeated requests to her landlord Jesus for help make for a hilarious read.

This book offers a fresh take on the classic romantic comedy genre, bringing together the charm of Bridget Jones’ ups and downs with the inevitable hilarity of culture clashes in Emily in Paris. Lisa’s adventures will leave you laughing, crying, and cheering her on as she navigates the challenges of love, self-acceptance, and personal growth. At its core, “Learning to Love Lisa” is a celebration of womanhood, empowerment, and the courage to embrace life’s unpredictable moments. A Relatable Heroine: Lisa embodies the perfect blend of modern-day wit and vulnerability, making her an instantly relatable and endearing character for women of all ages.

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With a lifetime of experience traveling the globe, writing, and shaping global brands, Lisa’s art of storytelling will have you spellbound. She has a flair for the creative and with more than a decade of experience studying human behavior, also has a number of published works. She lives in Spain, somewhat on her bicycle and in her imagination dreaming up new stories. ‘Learning to Love Lisa’ is her latest masterpiece, garnering widespread acclaim for its fresh and relatable narrative.

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Lisa Steingold
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