GiveBackToken Launches to help create a new understanding for the cryptocurrency

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, March 26, 2024 / — #GiveBackToken, or #GBT is a digital asset of a UNIQUE global FOUNDATION based on #TUE which is TRUST, UNITY & EDUCATION.

#GBT aim to support whoever affected by this financial system, keeping in mind that a large portion of world’s population are suffering from the monopoly of wealth being controlled by 3% of world richest for years now!

In order to address this issue, #GBT & #TUE have chosen to develop a new perspective on modern cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency was and, for the past few years, made many rich richer, whilst generally speaking the poor are only getting poorer under this financial system, but #GBT – the newest currency – have decided to take a different approach to this situation. With promoting social equality, and bridging the gaps between social classes as a main goal, #GBT ignited #TUE which is a peaceful social movement based on 3 main principles, TRUST, UNITY & EDUCATION.

#GBT, #GBTFOUNDATION, or #GiveBackToken, is a worldwide crypto currency which is available on binance chain network, or DEX pancakeSwap. #GBT were able to accumulate, within a very short period, more than 60K followers on Twitter and 18K members on telegram. This one of the kind crypto project, who has both SOCIAL & BLOCKCHAIN utilities, has been primarily based on DCA strategy (Dollar-Cost Averaging), which was proven to be the most effective & reliable way to invest in crypto. #GBT aim to redistribute world’s wealth in a fair way, and that based on how much each person has invested in #GBTFOUNDATION supply.

#GiveBackToken is a registered, audited and transparent cryptocurrency project, with 99% “Give Back” to #GBT holders strategy, with 33% burns wallet & the remaining 66% evenly divided between buys back and BNB rewards for stacking for any amount of sales above the original locked 1000 BNB. So basically whoever supports #GBT mission the most, will have a chance of getting more revenue from this project.

Since #GBT launch on BSC Smart Chain on the 6th of march, it gained a worldwide attention with couple of previous articles being sponsored on Yahoo Finance & Google news, $1,000,000 market cap was achieved easily, with the combination of corporate & individual investors, and a new understanding of cryptocurrency usage was created. A full on live community was built on #TUE (TRUST, UNITY & EDUCATION) where all major project decisions are taken by public voting, which require a minimum of 95% of approvals from #GBT holders to proceed with any major decisions, and monthly charitable events which spread across 7 main humanitarian categories (Promoting Education, Supporting Seniors, Environmental Conservation, Empowering women Rights, Animal Welfare, Natural disasters relief, and Healthcare for all), #GBT ensure that’s the majority of project’s philanthropic efforts being covered, by saying that, #GBT sat a benchmark for a modern nation, a nation that thrive to support and assist worldwide society without looking at what the backgrounds, race or geographical origin, whatever #GBT holders vote for, the project will comply with holders wishes and make it happen.

Here below some recent achievements and planed objectives that #GBT working on.

Within just over two weeks, #GBT was able to establish a powerful marketing department, which resulted in creating a strong network of thousands of followers across multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinerest, Instagram, YouTube), administrative departments with group of admins, and a creative group with world wide graphic designers who keep the community updated with fresh content to deepen #GBT mission, beliefs and objectives amongst their family. Through this, A high standard for a worldwide modern nation with huge growth potential for the next coming years has been sat.

Not only that, #GBT roadmap has included the lastest technology that cryptocurrencies can offer for its holders in phase three of project’s to-do lists, with #GBTPAY, which is a credit card linked to holders #GBT funds, #GBT Exchange, where holders can trade #GBT tokens balances to any desired network, #GBTWALLET, and other utilities which will get released to the public at the right time, #GBT left a mark in the cryptocurrency industry which enables #GBT to sat their own league as a leader in the blockchain ecosystem.

Furthermore, #GBT is working on establishing a sales team, which is dedicated to approach many corporate potential investors, which contributes heavily in the development of #GBT future growth and project’s holder’s base count at the same time.

As a summary, As you all see above, #GBT & #TUE has all of what it takes to establish that new understanding of cryptocurrencies in 2024 where crypto can be used for many good purposes, and to be ready to start a new era of digital assets: a WORLD FINANCIAL REVOLUTION !

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