First Rose Productions Announces Docuseries Featuring Original Contestants from Season 1 of ‘The Bachelor’

The reality TV pioneers will share an unfiltered glimpse into their journeys, from the highs of receiving roses to the challenges faced as the spotlight dimmed.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2024 / — First Rose Productions is thrilled to announce the commencement of pre-production on a docuseries that promises an unprecedented peek into the experiences of four women from the inaugural season of the famed TV reality show, The Bachelor. The series aims to detail stories of their initial decision to join the show, their time under the camera’s glare, and the subsequent twists and turns their lives took post filming.

The full cast of the highly anticipated series includes Amanda Marsh, winner of the first season, who is joined by Shannon Oliver, a member of the final four; Rhonda Rittenhouse, known for her unexpected exit in week 4; and Amber West, who had a shocking exit on the very first night.

Looking forward to the unprecedented excitement the docuseries is sure to bring to the airwaves, each of the cast members commented about their thoughts as they move into the pre-production phase:

“It’s common for reality TV contestants to feel that their stories are misrepresented in the final edit,” Amanda Marsh expressed. “We are excited to have a production where sharing unfiltered stories provide a more authentic perspective of the journey.”

Likewise, Amber West says, “This is our chance to present the unedited narrative of our time on The Bachelor. We’re elated to reunite and share with Bachelor Nation the raw, real tales of our experiences.”

“We were trailblazers, daring to venture into the uncharted territories of reality TV not knowing what to expect,” added Rhonda Rittenhouse. “Along the journey we found ourselves as guinea pigs – but now, the tides have turned.”

Shannon Oliver also echoed this sentiment, stating, “Get ready for an unprecedented glimpse behind the roses! Our upcoming documentary will pull back the curtain on The Bachelor, offering an exclusive, unfiltered look at the reality behind reality TV. It’s an authentic journey through the eyes of the contestants, revealing the true stories, emotions, and experiences that have remained hidden until now.”

At its very core, the production is not merely another retrospective look at The Bachelor. It stands apart as the only project where the original cast is at the helm, producing and providing a behind-the-scenes commentary on one of the most riveting reality dating shows in history.

For more details about the series, and to stay tuned for future updates, please visit the official website at

About First Rose Productions

Founded by four original contestants from the debut season of The Bachelor, First Rose Productions represents the collective effort of these pioneers in reality television. Two decades after their stint on the show, the women still resonate in the public consciousness, frequently being called upon for interviews and insights. Recognizing the unending fascination and numerous untold stories, they decided to unite and craft a project that provides a genuine, uncensored narrative of their journey.

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First Rose Productions
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