Duvets Ungava Proudly Offers Custom-Made Down Products and Bed Linens

Get the best quality custom-made down products and bed linens tailored specifically to your preferences from this Montreal institution

We are happy to make the extra effort for our customers.”

— Jory Sanderson

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, January 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s not a secret that winter in Canada can be very cold and long, and that many Canadians love getting warm and cozy under a plush duvet and soft, comfortable sheets that not only are functional, but also look good in their bedrooms. Answering this growing need, Montreal-based Duvets Ungava, Canada’s long term purveyor of great quality down products and bed linens, is now offering custom-made down products and bed linens.

Down feather duvets in particular have long been long favoured for their incredible warmth, comfort, and lightweight properties. However, not many people are aware that to get the most of its excellent features, down duvets should be tailored to their sleeping requirements.

The two most important factors to consider when choosing a duvet are:

Fill power

Fill power or loft, is a measurement of efficiency. Higher fill power number means better quality and greater insulating value. It’s because higher fill power results in a warmer duvet. The trapped air within the down clusters acts as an insulating barrier, preventing heat from escaping and keeping you warm during cold nights.

Weight and Size

Many factors go into determining duvet weight, including your personal preferences, whether you sleep alone, your room conditions and temperature, your geography etc. Down duvets with higher fill power and loft offer superior warmth without adding significant weight. On the other hand, the correct size of a duvet can simply be determined by the size of the bed and the size of your existing duvet cover.

Family owned and run since 1981, Duvets Ungava is a Montreal institution well-known for offering well-made, great quality Down Products including Goose Down Duvets and pillows, Wool Duvets and pillows, and Sheets and Duvet Covers. It has since expanded its assortments to include home decor and bedroom and bathroom accessories at its premise on 10, Pine Avenue West, Suite 112 at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

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