Celebrating and Exploring the Rich Traditions of the Classic Black Card Game

“The Gist of Bid Whist” by Lamont Jones

Lamont Jones

The book celebrates Bid Whist, reviving its legacy and introducing it to a new audience through storytelling, strategy, and community-building initiatives.

‘The Gist of Bid Whist’ puts it all on the table! Its fun insights share everything you need to know about America’s coolest card game—our card game! ”

— Tom Joyner, “The Fly Jock”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Within the Black community, Bid Whist shines as a timeless cultural gem. Yet, despite the profound historical and cultural significance of this trump card game, it remains lesser known in other communities and among younger generations. One of the most enthusiastic ambassadors of the game is Lamont Jones, a boxing business attorney and advisor to legends like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

A passion project years in the making, Jones wrote “The Gist of Bid Whist: The Culturally-Rich Card Game from Black America” to celebrate the cultural force of Bid Whist within the Black community, and to share the joy and thrills of the game by teaching it in a structured, un-intimidating manner, animated by stories of family, friendship, and memorable cultural and sports moments.

“The Gist of Bid Whist” welcomes readers to the table by equipping them with a firm grasp of fundamentals, a deep understanding of Bid Whist strategy, and the “card sense” to thrive in the game’s fluid complexity. It explores the game’s fascinating cultural backstory, from the origins of the game loved by the Pullman porters to its latest renaissance in the heart of Chicago during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the history and gameplay instruction, the author also sprinkles in buddy-comedy and daddy-daughter card game journey elements.

Jones’s goal is to revive Bid Whist within the Black community and beyond, emphasizing its power to forge connections across generations, races, and socioeconomic boundaries. He has partnered with Bicycle®, the renowned playing card brand, for “The Gist of Bid Whist” book tour on his journey to spread the love of the card game from Chicago to New York, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Leimert Park, and beyond.

“Bicycle® is thrilled to provide playing cards for Lamont Jones’s ‘The Gist of Bid Whist’ book tour. Together, we are united in a mission to bring the joy of playing cards to more people all over the world and to provide magical occasions where our audiences can connect, converse, learn, and most importantly, have fun,” says Maria McLane, Social Community Leader, USPC.

As he embarks on his tour, Jones will also work with the LINE Hotel LA and Love, Peace & Spades, a community of creatives, professionals, and grassroots organizers, who host game-based experiences that celebrate, preserve, and honor cherished Black family heirlooms. “On behalf of Love, Peace & Spades, we are excited to spotlight Lamont Jones and ‘The Gist of Bid Whist’ at our next gathering and illustrate why sharing retained generational knowledge is important to our community,” says Chief Creative Officer, Kevito Clark.

Jennie Wright, Brand Manager at the LINE Hotel LA, explains, “Love, Peace & Spades is more than a game night—it’s fostering community and collaboration with LA creatives, celebrating cultural richness, and cherishing Black family heirlooms. We are excited to highlight Lamont Jones and ‘The Gist of Bid Whist,’ as it preserves cultural games for generations.”

Jones is sparking a Bid Whist renaissance to help the game become the next hidden-in-plain-sight, rooted-in-the-Black-community treasure. “The Gist of Bid Whist” emerges as a vital addition to the growing collection of works documenting unknown facets of Black culture and thrusting them into the spotlight by masterfully blending strategy, personal storytelling, and cultural insights to pay tribute to a game that ignited a passion in African-American communities for generations.


A card game enthusiast and boxing business attorney, Lamont Jones serves as General Counsel for Haymon Boxing Management, creator of the Premier Boxing Champions platform, and advisor for numerous elite professional boxing champions, contenders, and prospects. Jones maintains that the deals most meaningful to him are not those he’s negotiated or litigated on behalf of boxing managers, promoters, or champions. Instead, the contracts that most make his heart sing are those he enters and defends against at the card table, playing Bid Whist. Jones believes that card games connect people and that the rich story of Bid Whist is one that deserves to be widely known.


To be published by Clyde Hill Publishing on February 27, 2024, “The Gist of Bid Whist: The Culturally-Rich Card Game from Black America” is part celebration, part workshop, part cultural history—with a generous dash of buddy-comedy and daddy-daughter card game journey elements. “The Gist of Bid Whist” enthralls newcomers and veteran players alike with the thrills and fun of a storied cultural touchstone.


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