Author Michelle Gines Inspires Self-Discovery and Improvement in New Book

Girl, Make Up Your Mind: A Beauty Infused Guide to Personal Growth & 7 Lessons from Your Makeup Bag by Michelle Gines

Girl, Make Up Your Mind is a captivating and empowering book for women everywhere.

Girl, Make Up Your Mind is a refreshing take on personal development, using relatable, everyday items to convey profound insights.”

— Angelina Crawford, Attorney

RIVERVIEW, FL, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2024 / — Michelle Gines, author, change strategist, coach, speaker, and founder of Purpose Publishing, invites readers to embark on a one-of-a-kind transformational journey. Girl, Make Up Your Mind: A Beauty Infused Guide to Personal Growth and 7 Lessons from Your Makeup Bag empowers women to feel confident and beautiful through self-discovery.

Using makeup bag essentials as clever metaphors, Michelle Gines organizes her book into seven steps that guides readers on their personal development journey.

Some of these steps focus on: learning to release energy that has been wasted on past regrets and self-criticism, discovering the transformative power of setting boundaries and learning how to say “no” without guilt, mastering the art of choosing your mood and setting yourself up for a good day, and so much more. Through each of these steps, readers will learn to embrace both their inner and outer beauty.

Girl, Make Up Your Mind has received rave reviews:

“Girl, Make Up Your Mind is a unique and captivating book that beautifully blends the world of makeup with personal development. Michelle Gines offers readers an inspiring journey through the chapters, cleverly structured around makeup bag essentials. While the makeup metaphors grab your attention, the valuable life lessons within will keep you engaged and empowered.”

—P. Horne, LCSW

“…Gines invites us to let go of the energy wasted on self-doubt and unmet dreams, setting the stage for a powerful transformation. Each chapter follows, offering insightful guidance on setting boundaries, choosing our mood, and ignoring negativity.”

—Shelly Bartolotto, Heart Coach

“The unique approach of using makeup essentials and relatable metaphors creates an enjoyable and memorable reading experience. Michelle Gines’ book offers valuable personal development strategies that are accessible and practical for readers from all social classes”

—Nichole Scripps, Cosmetologist

Popular bookstagrammers have also expressed high praise:

“This book is perfect if you are looking for some very realistic steps to help you see yourself for the true beautiful woman that you are and to help you to see the good in everything and everyone around you.” —Nicole, @reading_with_nicole

“Girl, Make Up Your Mind was an enlightening and quick read. The author goes through her seven steps of inner beauty and finding yourself in a wonderful way.” —Stephanie,

One chapter at a time, readers will feel inspired to make up their minds and become the confident, empowered women they were born to be.

The author is available for interviews.

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