Armenta Howerton Unveils Spiritual Masterpiece: “Living For God: Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle”

Living For God: Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle

Author and Minister Armenta Howerton

Author and Minister Armenta Howerton

Cultivating Spiritual Wisdom and Virtue in the Modern World

The wisest man who ever lived informed us that everything we ever do or accomplish on this earth is meaningless unless we fear God and obey his commandments.”

— Armenta Howerton

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 29, 2024 / — Armenta Howerton, a beacon of spiritual wisdom, has officially launched a transformative book that invites readers into the sacred journey of living a virtuous life for God. Titled “Living For God: Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle,” this profound work is a testament to Howerton’s unwavering faith and divine calling.

Armenta Howerton, a devoted servant of God, shares her spiritual odyssey that began with a divine call to ministry. In obedience to the Almighty’s guidance, she embarked on a transformative journey, guided by the Holy Spirit. Now, she imparts the profound insights gained through years of teaching, testing, and unwavering trust in God.

“Living For God” is not just a book; it’s a spiritual guide that unfolds the seven pillars essential to cultivating a virtuous lifestyle. Howerton’s narrative is a testament to the power of faith, love, patience, and obedience. Through her own experiences, she demonstrates how embracing these pillars can lead to a deeper connection with God and a virtuous existence.

Key Highlights:

1. Divine Revelation: Howerton shares the divine revelation she received about her ministry, a journey that spans over twenty years of spiritual growth and testing.

2. Teaching and Testing: The author emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between teaching and testing in one’s spiritual journey, shedding light on the transformative power of these experiences.

3. Obedience and Trust: “Living For God” explores the significance of wholehearted trust, obedience, and submission to God’s will, showcasing Howerton’s commitment to these principles.

4. Ministry Inception: The book unveils the inception of Howerton’s ministry, initiated by a clear command from God to teach people how to live for Him.

5. Global Impact: “Living For God” carries a mission to encourage, equip, and teach individuals worldwide, spreading the message of virtuous living and spiritual fulfillment.

“Living For God: Seven Pillars To A Virtuous Lifestyle” is available for purchase on major online platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Spiritual seekers, believers, and those on a quest for a deeper connection with God are encouraged to acquire this transformative masterpiece.

Armenta Howerton is a seasoned minister, teacher, and author committed to sharing the transformative power of living a virtuous life for God. Her ministry is a testament to the divine guidance that shapes her teachings and inspires individuals to embark on their spiritual journey.

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Living For God: Seven Pillars to a Virtuous Lifestyle | Interview with author, Armenta Howerton

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