A Live Visual Album’ with the new single and official video, “Like You”

Gardening, Not Architecture – Like You (Cover Art)

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A memorable and emotional journey that is both visually stunning and deeply moving.”

— Kindling Arts

NASHVILLE, TENN., UNITED STATES, July 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — With the release of the new song and video, “Like You,” music and performance artist Sarah Saturday (also known as Gardening, Not Architecture) announces Voyage: A Live Visual Album, a new musical-theatrical performance piece that explores the shifting relationship we have with our own complex and layered identities, premiering August 3, 2023. WATCH “LIKE YOU” HERE.

The Nashville-based interdisciplinary artist, and creative force behind Gardening, Not Architecture, has announced her new multimedia project titled Voyage. This project includes original songs, produced by Boom Forest, that are performed live with backing tracks. The project also features short films directed by Sarah’s long-time collaborator, Dycee Wildman, dance pieces choreographed by Joi Ware, audio sampling, and spoken word, further enhancing the overall artistic experience. With the Voyage performance, Saturday aims to create a safe and vulnerable space for audiences to explore their emotions. “By confronting and befriending our inner selves, we can create a more peaceful world around us,” says Saturday. The stage play delves into the complex relationship we have with our inner voices, both positive and negative, and the journey we must endure to meet and understand those parts of ourselves in order to find inner peace.

The album’s latest single, “Like You,” is a vibrant and energetic composition that is sure to captivate listeners. The song boasts a rich, layered sound that combines lush synthesizers with a driving beat, creating a dynamic and compelling musical experience. The lyrics of “Like You” are both thought-provoking and poetic, delivering a powerful message about the importance of individuality and the dangers of conformity. “Your eyes, they’re never affected / But I’m not that blind / I see all of the shadows/ Fly by like falling dominos”

Widely recognized for her captivating performances, Saturday has gained accolades for her work, including an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Tennessee Arts Commission (FY2024). Her prolific output since 2007 includes numerous albums, singles, remixes, videos, and films. Sarah has also contributed her talents to film and TV scores, such as the feature film, Superpowerless. With over 200 shows under her belt across the U.S. and Canada, Saturday is gearing up to present her latest 40-minute live theatrical performance piece, Voyage, and its release promises to be a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

Voyage: A Live Visual Album will premiere at Darkhorse Theatre in Nashville, TN August 3-5, 2023. BUY TICKETS HERE.

LISTEN TO “LIKE YOU” on your favorite streaming platform now and visit www.sarahsaturday.com for more information.



1. Come Out

2. Never Givin’ Up

3. Lay Me Down

4. Be Here Now

5. Happy You’re Happy

6. Like You

7. Already Know


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Gardening, Not Architecture – “Like You” (Official Music Video)

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