100 Andy’s Launches Today as the First NFT Collection by Famed Artist and Author Hank O’Neal

100 Andy’s Launches Today

Behind the scenes photo taken by Hank O’Neal at The Factory 1985

“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” Andy Warhol

“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” Andy Warhol

I wanted to do something that was reflective of Andy, the way that he did pictures and the way that he thought of things.”

— Hank O’Neal

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — A vibrant homage to Andy Warhol, Hank O’Neal unveils 100 Andy’s, a groundbreaking NFT collection available on OpenSea that showcases never-before-seen animated images based on hand-colorized film photographs of Andy Warhol taken in 1985 by Hank O’Neal at The Factory.

The Factory was Warhol’s famous studio where all of the cultural icons of the day gathered and partied to the music of The Velvet Underground. The NFT animations are powered by D-ID, the AI engine behind MyHeritage.com’s animations of historic family images.

A journey almost 40 years in the making, the first NFT project from storied artist Hank O’Neal, offers a fascinating glimpse into his illustrious career as a photographer, music producer, author, and CIA agent.

Hank O’Neal, whose life reads like a chronicle of 20th-century American culture, captured images of people, places, and moments that defined a generation. His keen eye captured some of the last images ever taken of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who was a friend of Hank’s. From his early days, influenced by legends like André Kertész and Walker Evans, to his contributions to jazz production and photography, O’Neal’s work spans the breadth of America’s artistic legacy.

From a First Rolodex

Hank has been there and done that. His first rolodex was a gift from the famous photographer Bert Stern, who took the last images of Marilyn Monroe. He had his first photography exhibition in a NY gallery space called the Open Mind Gallery in 1973. Hank has capture images of celebrities, bohemians, country gospel singers, the social elite, art dealers, politicians, regular folks, street art, and an almost endless list of other people and moments.

Hank explains, “I look for things that are amusing. I look for things that are pretty because there are so many things. I’m always looking for things that will preserve a little bit of today,” says O’Neal, reflecting on his approach to his art.

Hank O’Neal’s 100 Andy’s Project

The 100 Andy’s project was set into motion the day Hank received a call from generation-defining poet, Alan Ginsburg. He was calling to invite Hank to photograph Andy Warhol at The Factory. Andy, as Hank puts it, “was in a terrible mood”. After the shoot, Hank decided to Warhol the Warhol.

The 100 Andy’s collection offers a unique lens into the world of Andy Warhol, with variations that highlight Hank O’Neal’s creative prowess in colorization and composition. These NFTs not only celebrate an already towering figure in the world of art and culture, but also underscore O’Neal’s skill in capturing and enhancing the vibrancy of his subjects, which he discusses in detail in the mini-documentary viewable on the NFT Collection page.

Own a Piece of Art History

“Every picture you take, there’s a story,” O’Neal remarks. O’Neal’s telling of the story of Andy leaps into the NFT space with this collection. 100 Andy’s includes primary color variants and combinations—yellow backgrounds against blue faces, red hats, and more. Each piece showcases Hank’s creative vision, offering a fresh take on Warhol’s iconic persona and blending nostalgia with contemporary digital art.

These newly minted NFTs not only represent a piece of art history but also a chance to own a part of Hank O’Neal’s enduring legacy.

For more information on Hank O’Neal and 100 Andy’s please visit https://opensea.io/collection/hankoneal-100andys/overview

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