VetREDI for Veterinary Professionals

A new course to allow you to do the most for those who have the least

Programs like VetRedi are crucial when it comes to bridging the cultural gap in the veterinary profession.”

— Dr. Terrence Ferguson/Critter Fixers

BALTIMORE, MD, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2024 / — Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE) is pleased to announce the launch of its new self-paced course that takes learners on a transformative journey to better understand equity, cultural competence, and human and animal well-being. Through videos, lessons, and quizzes, VetREDI will teach the veterinary community a better understanding of the value of an equitable spectrum of CARE and highlight the positive outcomes of collaborating with families.

The veterinary field is one of the whitest professions in the United States, with less than two percent of vets being African American, and less than one percent of Indigenous backgrounds. It’s critical the profession becomes more diverse, as pet ownership spans all races and ethnicities.

The online course features diverse voices, not just those in the veterinary field, but voices from other professionals in animal welfare and education. Knowing how busy people are, VetREDI allows for maximum flexibility. Enrollees can sign up at any time and individuals can take the course at their own pace. There will also be quarterly virtual classroom hours.

The series has already received wide acclaim by veterinary professionals who have taken the initial course. Dr. Vernard Hodges, veterinarian on the hit reality television show Critters Fixers, was one of the first to go through the program. “Access to veterinary care is crucial for pet owners. CARE’s mission to ensure that underrepresented communities have access to providers who understand them will improve and prolong the human animal bond that these communities have. VetREDI is doing the important work to help providers strengthen that bond.”

Access to CARE, also means access to equitable pricing. CARE’s course is offered at a student rate of $99 and a professional rate at $199 that hopes to create more learning opportunities. In addition to the reasonable price, the proceeds of VetREDI and all CARE’s courses, go directly back to helping animals in the community.

Dr. Terrence Ferguson, Dr. Hodges’ co-star, also took the course. “Programs like VetRedi are crucial when it comes to bridging the cultural gap in the veterinary profession. It is essential that we not only understand the needs of our patients, but that we understand the needs of our clients as well.”

Other veterinarians raved about the storytelling narratives. One participant commented that they “were really blown away by how impactful this was. In my short academic career I have seen my fair share of attempts at providing DEI initiatives. Never have I seen a more profound, striking and engaging platform that accomplishes this and challenges the rest.”

CARE is a Baltimore based national animal welfare workforce development nonprofit, that works tirelessly to be the voice for pet lovers and owners from under resourced and underserved communities. Proceeds of VetREDI will directly benefit people and their pets in the communities it serves. For more information or to learn more about the course, go to CARE’s website or contact Dr. Alina Luna, the Dean of CARE’s learning academy, The Circle of Learning and Leadership at [email protected]


Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity is a 501©3 nonprofit that addresses organizational and personal biases within animal welfare. The mission is to bring diverse voices to the industry while also advocating for a more inclusive path to pet adoption. CARE believes in using evidence-based tools, narratives, and insights to inspire organizations to be more inclusive and less biased. It is all an effort to save more companion animal lives.

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