SEC’s Crack Down On Cybersecurity Risk Tackled By Cognni

TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL, January 8, 2024 / — Cognni Ltd., a leading AI powered data classification, information intelligence and DSPM company, is proud to announce that in response to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent implementation of new cybersecurity disclosure rules, it will play a pivotal role in assisting businesses to effectively navigate and comply with these regulatory requirements.

Understanding the SEC’s New Regulations

The SEC’s enhanced cybersecurity disclosure rules underscore the critical importance of transparent and comprehensive reporting on cybersecurity risks. As businesses face increasing threats in the digital landscape, compliance with these rules becomes paramount to maintaining trust, safeguarding assets, and mitigating potential reputational and financial damage.

Cognni: A Solution Tailored for SEC Compliance

As a leading provider of advanced AI-driven cybersecurity solutions, Cognni stands at the forefront of empowering businesses to meet the SEC’s stringent cybersecurity disclosure obligations. By leveraging Cognni’s cutting-edge technology, companies can seamlessly identify, assess, and report cybersecurity risks, ensuring a proactive and robust approach to compliance.

Key Features of Cognni for SEC Compliance

• Risk Identification: Cognni’s industry leading AI proactively identifies potential cybersecurity risks, allowing businesses to stay ahead of evolving threats.

• Assessment Capabilities: Cognni’s platform provides comprehensive tools for evaluating the severity and potential impact of identified risks, aiding in prioritized risk management.

• Reporting Excellence: Cognni facilitates streamlined reporting, ensuring that businesses can fulfill the SEC’s disclosure requirements accurately and efficiently.

Looking Forward: Best Practice and Ongoing Support

In addition to its advanced features, Cognni offers businesses invaluable insights and the best practice for maintaining cybersecurity disclosure compliance. The company is committed to ongoing support, assisting organizations in navigating the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

About Cognni

Cognni is an AI-powered Information Protection Platform that provides groundbreaking data classification and risk analysis to autonomously detect and mitigate real vulnerabilities to unstructured data. Their intelligence revolutionizes the traditional approach to DLP, Insider Risks, DSPM, IGA, and PAM to keep an organization’s information secure. Cognni’s platform leverages natural language and machine learning to autonomously understand and label data based on its content, context, and purpose. Cognni provides its customers a full life cycle management tool from data discovery & visibility of their Dark Data, thru insights on vulnerabilities, recommendations on remediation activities, and automated protection. For more details, visit

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