San Diego Proclaims Oct 26 as “World Woman Sustainability Day” to Champion Gender-Driven Sustainable Practices

Rupa Dash and Mayor Todd Gloria

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2023 / — In a resounding commitment to gender equality and sustainable innovation, San Diego takes a monumental step by proclaiming October 26, as “World Woman Sustainability Day.” This proclamation marks a pivotal moment in accelerating the intersection of gender and sustainability, championed by the World Woman Foundation. Todd Gloria, Mayor of San Diego, presented the proclamation to Rupa Dash, CEO of, World Woman Foundation.

Over recent years, San Diego has emerged as a beacon of progress and innovation in sustainable practices, emphasizing gender equality as a core pillar of its initiatives. This proclamation is poised to propel the World Woman Foundation’s efforts, envisioning San Diego as the global epicenter for gender-focused interventions in sustainable practices.

“World Woman Sustainability Day” signifies the annual World Woman Sustainability Conference in San Diego and catalyzes forging innovative cross-border and global partnerships. The goal is to design certificate programs geared towards gender-based solutions combating climate change in unprecedented ways.

San Diego’s leadership in this arena is paramount. By fostering partnerships with local and international stakeholders, the city aims to spearhead a paradigm shift prioritizing gender equality and female empowerment in sustainability practices. The focus lies on inspiring women and girls to take the lead in sustainability initiatives and advocate for their rights in environmental conservation through educational programs, policy advocacy, and community engagement.

Proclamation Text Highlights:
Acknowledges the instrumental role of women globally in championing environmental sustainability.
Commends the unwavering dedication of San Diego women to preserving natural resources and addressing climate change.
Recognizes gender equality as crucial to achieving sustainability goals, aligning with international agreements like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Celebrates the exceptional efforts of women driving positive change in sustainability.
The proclamation calls upon individuals, communities, businesses, governments, and organizations to recognize and celebrate women’s achievements in sustainability, advocate for gender equality, support educational initiatives inspiring women and girls, promote sustainable living, and collaborate on global efforts addressing environmental challenges.

This proclamation solidifies San Diego’s commitment to a sustainable and equitable future, serving as a blueprint for communities and nations worldwide, envisioning an equal future for women and girls.

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